Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Good Time For Work and Patience!

Full Moon today at 18 degrees Taurus will be setting off  9 months of Mars in Virgo.  The archetypal characteristics of Virgo is practical work, solving problems, regular work ethic and internal satisfaction from doing a good job.  Virgo is the sign of service to others, cleanliness internally and externally.

Mars works hard to get the details done and ironed out in Virgo, after the fire and passion for when Mars was in Leo. Now its time to work out the details to make it happen.  Also in the chart Mars(action), Jupiter(expansion + opportunity) and Pluto(explosions and power) are in a loose, but effective Grand Earth Trine.   That means they are working together sending complimentary energies back and forth to each other.  Plus being in Earth signs means that you will see direct physical results of the work.  This is good news for those looking for jobs I would say. You still have to put in the work to find the job, but you will be get the afore mentioned help from above. I also believe with Mars in Virgo you can get a lot done if break it down to a daily regiment, by the time July comes around, you will have accomplished a lot!

Mars in Virgo is also a good time to put into place new habits  you want.  Virgo rules the 6th house, house of health, service and daily routines.  The Full Moon in the hard working physical sign of Taurus will give a good boost of energy toward putting into practice these new routines you want.  Further evidence is Mars moves into Virgo exactly 8 hours after the Full Moon. Think about what you would like to implement as part of your new regiment, perhaps exercise before work or after, maybe spend an hour on a long term project, be it home improvement, art, or a recreational physical activity.

Also as of note, it will be a good time for healing, especially if it involves a vice that accompanies something used to help deal with a past pain, especially emotional.  Swap out a negative vice for a positive vice, especially it has been something you have been talking about letting go. Mars will be Opposite Chiron in Pisces with a direct Neptune close behind.  Chiron is the planetoid that represents where we are wounded and also where we heal.  It is very much a planet about humanity, since we all have wounds that don't quite heal, yet we still strive to overcome or lessen them just the same.  Helping others with their pain is also a characteristic of working with Chiron as well. Neptune has been talking to Chiron since the time Neptune moved into Pisces, a sign it Co-Rules, in this cases dealing with endings of emotional experiences. 

In the News, the new law in Mississippi proposing "personhood" the moment a human ovum is fertilized by sperm as life, thus a slippery slope of negating Rove vs Wade and birth control contraceptives has been repealed.  I chalk this up to Neptune going direct and Mars moving towards Virgo; action being made practical.  Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusions, spirituality, basically it dissolves boundaries.  Neptune was in retrograde since the beginning of June. Quick summary of retrograde planets is, the planet appears from our perspective on Earth to be going backwards, thus its energies are felt more internal and less external.  When Neptune is direct we can see more easily what a dream is or misconception of reality, usually when a large planet like Neptune moves forward, the floor drops out from falsehoods from our life.  Neptune will be in Pisces for good February 3, so see how your visions on what you want in life change.

Till next time!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seasons of Scorpio + New Moon in Scorpio!

Well we are in for a Scorpio centered few weeks here.  Right now we have Mercury(communications) and Venus(values, possessions) in the sign of Scorpio.  This past Sunday we had the Sun move into the sign of Scorpio.  So, what is it about Scorpio?  Scorpio is feminine sign, which means it is receptive and  influenced by others behavior.  It is in the element of water, which is highly effective and reactive to its surroundings; for instance and be a calm deep well with many things hidden beneath the surface or a raging storm that can wash away homes and flood the land.  Scorpio is also a fixed sign, in that it does not like change and acts accordingly if something challenges it to do so.  The Scorpion is also a nocturnal creature who navigates using senors it has in its head that detect heat sources, this is also how it hunts as well.  It usually stalks it prey by waiting patiently to strike with it barbed poisoned stinger to weaken and slow down its prey, and also start the the tenderizing.  Its ancient ruler is actually Mars, before Pluto came into the picture. Mars is action, violence, as non-thinking as you can get, think thrusting sword into someone's midsection,  that is Mars. 

As with all energies we can utilize the higher or lower vibrations.  The lower energies in Scorpio's case is symbolized as the snake, just living instinctively, trying to survive with a steady mantra of kill, eat, mate, reproduce, die(very intense, not so romantic ;)).  We have the eagle, which uses its instincts to soar to extraordinary heights and spot its prey at a distance and with flawless timing swoop down to snatch and kill its prey.  Its the far seeking symbolizes that separates it from the snake aspect of Scorpio.

Now that the Sun is there, it will be a wild week, all centering around Mars.  Mars(action) is currently in Leo and will be sextile Saturn(survival, restriction) and later in the week Pluto(transformations, power struggle), which will help out those actions Mars is called to, well act on.  Why is Mars the center of attention this week?  It basically is interacting with most of the planets in the sky, is in conflict with Venus, then Mercury and then Neptune(dissolving of boundaries) next week.  There is potential for big blowouts over this week and part of next week.  It all centers around the New Moon in Scorpio today at 3:56 pm, with Mars as one of its rulers.  Which is asking, all the success from the previous Moon what is of value to you and with Mars, what will you do? Since Venus has separated from Saturn that it was in conjunction(next to) back in late September, it has retrieved some of  the items that caught its attention back to Saturn.  Saturn's job is to weed out what is good and not so good.  With the New Moon this is the time to figure out a plan to do something with what you have gained, insight, money, relationship or business, what is worth the most and what will you do with it.  This New Moon will be active until it not just the Full Moon In Taurus and New Moon in Sagittarius(also a Solar Eclipse), but for the next 2 and half years.

Wall street.  It's gonna get rough out there.  Especially since the influential and rich neighbors surrounding Zuccotti Park want them out, they will use any means possible. I heard that the Real Estate Board of New is trying to pass a law to close the parks at night, changing the agreement struck long ago which was a deal the board made with the city over allowing buildings over a certain height,  and keeping public parks open 24 hours a day.

Also I have a feeling the Homeland Security card maybe be pulled, to make a strategic swipe at the Occupy Wall Street protestors.  Its a trump card, because no Miranda Rights need be mentioned nor active nor even the rights award by the US Constitution to American citizens.  Also the Taurus moon of OWS chart is opposite Venus Mercury conjunction square Mars in Leo. A big t-square in a fixed sign, which is an aspect with lots of tension and a strong desire to resolve through radical change, yet being fixed reluctant to compromise. Its in houses 1st, 7th, and 10th, in cardinal houses in the OWS chart. I think there will be another big police move to try to get ride of the encampment.  There was also the demolishing of the camps at Occupy Oakland a few days ago.

Here is a story related to the Sun moving into Scorpio on Sunday.  I was at a good friend's Halloween party over the weekend.  A lot of us planned to stay overnight and had our possessions upstairs.  Well, one of the guests no one knew really well stole money from about 4 of my friends and my friend hosting the party. We discovered this the next day when the Sun moved into Scorpio.  It was very Plutonian, obtaining money in an underhanded way.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Libra Ingress and The New Contract with Venus and Saturn

It is fall, all hail the time of Libra!  Yes it is a time of celebration as well as inspiration for keeping up the work you are doing to get closer to your goals.  This the Harvest Season, so as with the Venus(values, possessions) conjunct to the Sun(life, long term goals) that happened this past August,was a culmination of all the Universe was brought to you at that year.  You are working work with those items, people, loves, and using them to to start a new request!  For we had the Sun move in Libra September 23.  Now we had a New Moon in Libra, at 4 degrees exact in Libra,  which is an excellent time to start a new regiment or good habit.  Looking at it in the chart for New York, it shows an excellent opportunity to change that current relationship you are in, start a new one, or make a business contract. pair yourself with an ideal to be a better artist, bring forth an aspect of your personality to the world, or a new income source.  This chart reflect what this season will be like for you and everything deposits(goes back to) Venus in the chart on the Ascendant(focal energy point of chart).

This Thursday a great new chance to increase the strength of relationships in your life has presented itself to you.  Venus will be joining Saturn .  Venus is in its home in Libra and Saturn is exalted(does well) in Libra.  These don't come together often, especially in a sign they both do well in.  This falls at 18 degrees Libra, so check to see where it falls in your chart or if you even have Venus and Saturn talking to each other in your natal chart.

Saturn has been in Libra since last year, bringing back the story of last Fall when it first went into Libra.  Its journey in Libra brought forth the question of what is it in relationships that works for you; find it and put that into the relationship you want.  It is the structure that Saturn is concerned with and now with this conjunction it will go to work for you.  Of course Saturn goes to work only for those who have learned their lesson, make sure you know it!  This paring of Venus and Saturn usually occurs once a year in a different sign each time. When Venus pairs with Saturn, Saturn sends forth Venus, since it is desirous and moves much faster out in the world to bring you back what you asked for.  Saturn then disseminates what Venus attracts and decides what to do with it.  It will  be a 2 and half year cycle till they meet together again in a different sign.  So you have a good glimpse of what your attraction cycle will be for this length of time.

Lets see whats happening in the world as it relates to Astrology.  Here are some examples, make sure to think about the ones you see in your life.

 I could see the Venus Saturn conjunction being helpful to the protestors on Wall Street.  Their message seems to be about supporting the 99% of the population who are not ridiculously rich.  This conjunction could help them solidify there message so that it can be contained in an effective capsule to pose to the greater public in America.  If they can do that then they may draw support from the populations of America who are angry about what Wall Street and the banks did, especially about the sub-prime mortgage crisis.  It is very much Venus Saturn, people protesting on Wall Street(where money is made Venus) and asking for who is accountable for where that money went(Saturn).  Evidence of that is about 200 people in Boston are currently planning a similar protest to the on in New York.  This could be a real genuine movement with a clear message and a lot less contrived than the "tea party" protests.

On a side note, my friend Courtney(agirlnamedwoo) got a new job at Columbia and will be taking out her boyfriend to a fancy dinner. Yep! Venus knows what to do with money that comes her way!  Also the New Moon in Libra hits her Jupiter Saturn conjunction which brought forth something that will expand and bring more responsibility; more pay, more challenges. 

I will be doing work(Saturn) Thursday and taking pictures of burlesque dancers(Venus) for an ad. Hopefully this will bring in more work for me as well!

Till Next Time!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Added Daily Transits!!!

Hi Everyone I have added the daily transits I personally write for twitter each day.  Now you can see them on Its Astrology Time!

Next update! If  you buy a Tarot of the Boroughs deck during the month of July you will get a free 15 minute astrological reading from me.  So, buy one yourself or for a friend, either a chart will be read! GO here to Tarot of the Boroughs to order this amazing tarot I made with my amazing co creator Courtney Weber !!!

More Updates to come!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Solar Eclipse and Changes

Changes! That is what eclipse are about, it is when dynasty comes knocking on our door and the universe either rids of us of the old or thrust in the new.  We have humans have tendencies to hold on to relationships, emotions, past memories, even old furniture with a death grip at times.  If if was not for the eclipses we would have not ever make or done anything.   You can also think of them as either a personal barometer or even a barometer for anything, from a country, company, or relationship.  We don't always have the foresight to see what new and important change we should make.  Aren't you glad that someone is watching out for you so don't slip by and get stuck in some situation? Getting stuck is when we repeat a lesson over and over again because we refuse to change our ways, thats when we get ill, stressed and over all feel lousy.  Thats why looking at astrological transits helps us see what is coming and following the Moon cycles show us where we are personally at.

I looked at the New York chart for this partial Solar Eclipse and it looks like it is all about resolving our emotional past.  Our emotional past, Moon is connected with our Spiritual Expression, Sun, in the first house.  Now that they are linked at this moment and time what is our relationship to the world at large with all of these great changes affecting the world or even our own small personal worlds.  It is a challenge being laid down before us.  Uranus is at the top of the chart in the 10th squaring Pluto and the Solar Eclipse(Sun and Moon conjunction) and is loosely opposite Saturn who recently went direct.  This is very reminiscent of the major t-square of last Summer.  These are all in Cardinal(action orientated) signs, so something must be done and enacted.  This tension and pressure is there to make us move and do.  Neptune(illusions, dreams) is just past the top of the chart retrograde in Pisces in the 9th, is having us re-evaluate the way we have been trying to manifest our dreams.  Time to go get more information from other sources, from spiritual books or leaders, education, travel, and or natural law.  We have to get clear on how we wish to do this.  The North Node is in the 6th house so a new person, or situation will be showing up in a our everyday life, job, affecting our daily routine, ie getting up, going to work, doing chores etc.  Perhaps this new person or event will help us work on that which we don't see, the South Node in the 12th house of Unconsciousness, Prisons, Institutions, the Hidden. 

In the news the State of Minnesota shut down  a few days ago. State Park we erecting barriers and evicting campers and boy scout yesterday day.  Here is quote from the New York Times article  that illustrates the 12th/6th house change I mentioned  "“Now we’re just waiting and hoping this will be short-lived,” said Mark Crawford, the manager at Lake Maria State Park who on Thursday had to inform scores of campers that they needed to pack up and leave and then, on Friday, became one of 22,000 state employees out of work without pay. “We’ll have to change our lifestyle for a little bit,” said Mr. Crawford, who is 60 and has worked in the parks for 35 years." To be in this big of a budget crisis is bad, when even most states in the United states are facing bankruptcy.  This of course will affect homeless people that stay in shelters, again, lack state funding(6th house) affecting homeless people(12th house).  

Also Whitey Bulger was caught last week and is in custody.  He is a famous mob boss in a Boston Gang call the Winter Hill Gang, where he famously robbed a bank and avoided all the camera angles.  He has been on the run since 1994 after being tipped off.  He was also an F.B.I. informant for many years as well The United states is a Cancer and with Pluto(underworld, criminal element) in an opposite sign, I wonder if law enforcement might be re-evaluating how it uses its informants.  I know the F.B.I has made many blunders with Whitey Bulger, but I also think he know a lot of things about the F.B.I.  I was a little shocked that they actually wanted to capture him, but perhaps a lot of people he was involved with the agency have moved on, retired or died, Mr. Bulger is 81 years old.  Eclipses certainly do bring about change. His disappearance is about the length of a nodal cycle, 18 years.

Till next time!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunar Eclipse Today!

The bookend of the Solar Eclipse on June first is here!  Today at 4:15 pm there was a total Lunar Eclipse at 24 degree Sagittarius.  Sagittarius, the archer, wander, learner, partier, teacher, loudmouth, sage, sports star, yes it can be all of it.  We are revisiting this experience or dream of the New Moon in December of 2009.  You were starting something that had the potential to be big and expand outward to reach everyone with your efforts.  This was due to the Jupiter Neptune conjunction that happened. As I mentioned before Jupiter Neptune is that magic egg that you were in the processing of putting together that held a unique dream or goal, something of an altruistic or wide reaching appeal.  Jupiter sextile Neptune that happened last Friday was the crux of working hard on it again and see what develops.  This will be a long term project, so this eclipse is about whether or not you want to put the time and effort in to see it through to the end, pick up the mantle or search for another task.

This Lunar Eclipse is also a strong releasing one. Perhaps its the fighting of not letting go of what needs to let go is what makes people tired, it might be so in my case.  Honestly it has been a struggle to even finish this blog entry.   If you can let go of old emotions, struggles, or just junk in the closet you don't need so you can have space to put new things, do it!

Today is when the Emergency Rent Laws of 1920 that guaranteed that rents be stabilized will expire!!!  Since 2000 there have not been any new rent stabilized places built in New York City; by the way New York City is the only city left in America that has rent stabilization.  Let's hope they don't let it expire and we have a mass exodus of people moving!  Thanks Anne for the insight! Here is the article with the lowdown whats at stake here. I think its just a political move and they will add changes or keep status quo. So don't panic yet!

 A follow up entry will happen in the next day or so.  Going to rest now. . .

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A few things Today!

We're back and here are the transits and insights to think on!

Neptune(dissolving of boundaries) went retrograde this past Friday, after only being in Pisces(realm of dreams and illusions) for a few months.  Think of it as a trailer for a movie to come, going to have to wait until the Fall to see the opening of the actual movie.  This also makes sense since Neptune rules over the sublime and dreams, like movies.  It will be interesting to see how this affects the types of movies that will be coming or even the volume of movies coming out.  Perhaps those that run the movie industry may rethink their ways or maybe indie directors who shoot, produce, and fund their films might step back rethink their ways as well.  Perhaps we might even see past themes repeat; *cough cough* methinks Hollywood has been under that influence longer than that lol!  We'll see how this unfolds from now until early November.

Jupiter moved into Taurus this past Saturday, into a brand new sign, Taurus.  The groundedness of Taurus will help solidify the opportunities you find, you'll will be able to grasp them and handle them appropriately to get the maximum benefit from them.

Venus moved into Gemini today, the planet of values, possessions and love is now in the realm of ideas and dualities. Someone or some idea strike your fancy? Is it not working out? There is always another side with Gemini, try another way or method to go about getting what you want. Look in mirror and see the backwards image, perhaps you missed something looking at with your forward point of view.  Gemini is also about being flexible with ideas, relationships, and tasks.  That is why Gemini is considered to be a Mutable Sign, it changes to adapt to situations.  Also there is a caveat with that two(pun),  as I mentioned before, there is always another side with Gemini, make sure you don't just look at the side you like; flip that coin over to make sure that it is not fake currency! Mercury the Messenger God is also the patron God of Thieves.

Jupiter will be sextile Neptune for the next week or so.  This goes back to the story when they were joined in May 27 2009 and again after the retrograde in Dec 21 2009  shortly after a New Moon in at 24 degree Sagittarius.  How far has that dream gotten?  What was it that you wished the Universe would send you?  This sextile is part of the 12 year your journey of this amazing egg of wonders, dreams, and opportunity that is Jupiter Neptune joined. Today for instance things were just given to me at work.  Even though I was working hard as a tour boat photographer(totally Neptune) in the blazing sun, people gifted me food, water and even a tip!  I attribute this to the Jupiter sextile Neptune and the Void of Course Moon.  The Void of Course Moon make the unapproachable, approachable, in combination with the afore mentioned transit.  The real trick is that you can't really have too many pre-existing expectations, you have to just go with the flow to really utilize it. If you look for treasure, don't, it will find you!  So another use of this influence, especially this Saturday there will be another Void of Course Moon, use it to your advantage, go on adventures and wander around.  I recommend if you are near New York the Figment Project on Governor's Island, make or explore arts,  thats all about Jupiter Neptune!

Also an important side note about 24 degrees Sagittarius, that will be where the Full Lunar Eclipse will happen on the 15 of June.  I will go into more detail about next week.  Here's a sneak peek, not everything goes according to plans. . .

In the news going along with Venus in Gemini(value of Information) very techie and Jupiter sextile Neptune, the flood gates have opened on Palins' thoughts! No not current thoughts, she is already all over the place. Now 24, 000 pages of Palins' emails will be released to the public from her two years as governor of Alaska.  Tomorrow at 1:00 pm, feel like doing a good deed? Or got too much time and wanna do some kind of deed? The New York Times needs you help as a reader to help sort these out, cause thats a boatload of emails!!!! Help with the Bailing of the Email Flood that is Palin.  Who knows, as I mentioned before you might find some gem in that seas of emails!  Also shortly after the Jupiter Neptune conjunction Jupiter went retrograde(energies turned inward) Sarah Palin resigned from being the governor of Alaska.  Perhaps she needed to rethink where she was going, after running as the Vice-President candidate for McCain Presidential Campaign that didn't pan out and amidst major criticism over many flagrant abuses of state funding and her controversial stances on issues.  Palin now is still gunnin' for that Presidential run as the Republican nominee, we shall see. . . This newest chapter will either work out for her or not, it depends how she uses it.  Sextiles, are an aspect that will work in your favor, if and only if you put effort into making it work.  Think of sextiles as you go half the distance yourself, it will carry you the rest of the way once you started the journey. 

Go Play in the Sun, but keep hydrated and wear plenty of sun block! :)

I would also like to give a shout to the electronic band Booka Shade, they helped me ride the groove to write this snazzy Astro Article!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Solar Eclipse Today!

Its an Eclipse! What will it bring and how long will it last?

So a solar eclipse is a phenomenon that happens when the Moon moves in front of the Sun and gets in between the path between the Sun and the Earth.  Great, what does that mean?  Well Solar Eclipses are powerful times to start new things in  your life.  In a nutshell is the unification of the Sun and Moon in the sky.  There is generally a lot of energy generated during one and it creates a space to start new ventures, relationships, business, or new perspectives on life.  I think of it as an illumination of the hidden potential you have inside and when effort is exerted, this truth will come forth into fruition.  Think of Solar Eclipse as putting super miracle on a seedling, its gonna grow big!  Especially if you have a solar eclipse fall on an inner planet in your chart, it will have a strong connection to you and indicate a new direction in your life.  For instance if it fell on the planet Venus(values) in the 2nd house(resources, possessions) most likely you would have a great job opportunity or new way to make money will come on in with the eclipse.  Eclipses usually have up to a two week period they that they trigger events in your chart, a lot of the times events that are already in motion.  Its important to look at Eclipses, before and after they occur.  When you look before you can see what change it will bring about, specifically with the Solar what new influence to your chart.  If you look at past eclipses they show you what triggered a series of events that started off where you are now.  Eclipses happens in pairs, first the Solar brings in the new change and the Lunar finalized it or clears out any debris that is slowing your growth down.  A lot of times relationships, jobs, or places where you are live that are started during on Eclipse, can leave you by the next one, not something to fear, just to keep in mind.  I also think of the Eclipses as the deus ex machina, where the Universe reaches on in and literally thrusts something into your life or removes obstacles blocking your path of self development.  They act very similar to when the North and South Node move over your natal planets or major points in your chart.  That is because there is a relationship between them, an eclipse usually occurs within 8-10 degrees of where the North or South Node is. North and South Nodes are calculated points that are the point where the Sun and the Moon form a particular angle to Earth.  This is important because it show us where we currently are between our will and personal path(Sun) and our needs and past(Moon), a destiny point.

This particular Solar Eclipse will be make a positive aspect to Saturn(structure, survival) today so these new changes and goals you are putting forth will stick.  Which is good news, because Jupiter(expansion, opportunity) is nearing the end of its journey in the fiery sign of Aries, which will help focus and solidify your aspirations so you can use the planets Venus, Mercury, and Mars in Taurus to start the serious work phase of achieving your goals that inspired you in early April. 

For more information on how the eclipses will affect your I suggest looking at where it is in your chart or getting someone adept at looking and interpreting eclipses.  Since I have been getting lot of questions from people about how it will be affecting them,   I will be offering 15 minute mini readings for $20 to people interested in knowing more about it.  Contact me at

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello It's Astrology Time! readers.  I am back after a busy week and change in schedule.  I just realized how important this blog is to me and hopefully you too.  The deleted entry threw me off to a point where I had  numerous drafts of things I wanted cram in but didn't flesh out.  Anywho.  I have decided to commit to a more regular schedule of updating this blog on a weekly basis.  From now you can expect updates on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  That is my pledge to you which I hope to keep!


This week is about solid ideas and how to make them happen.  We have Mars(action), Venus(values, possessions), and Mercury (communications) all in solid earth.  These are the tools which will help you build your dream/idea that I mentioned in the last post.  This past Saturday the Sun moved into the sign of Gemini. Gemini, think of the time of Gemini as your twin who grew up with you and knows all about you and has agreed, questioned, or informed you during all of your decisions.  That is Gemini in a nutshell.  Astrologically Gemini is Mutable(changeable) Air(movement, intent with no visible form) and is associated with twins.  The glyph,    represents the dual nature of man, not so much  masculine feminine duality, but more reflected image in a mirror.  The other analogy I have in mind, is take the first time you looked at yourself in the mirror and moved your right arm, yet in the mirror the left arm are was the one moving.  After you stared so intently it took you a little while to understand that everything is moving in the opposite way from your point of view, yet still its essentially the same movement.  So whats the point in looking at mirror if it essentially still the same image? The perspective and different angle helps to illuminate the image in a seemingly objective view as if you were another person looking at yourself.  From this a person will have a glimpse of how the world could see them.  This helps sometimes and other times can get confusing if you have too much going on in the mirror to focus on(like trying to learn dance moves from a teacher's reflection in a mirror).  That! Is the energy of Gemini.  The other important traits of this sign(not exclusively those born under its Sun) is gathering information, debating issues from different sides, accumulating knowledge, teaching, new technology, being of fickle mind, trickery(God of Thieves, Mercury rules this Sign), young children, the lungs, locomotion of the body, various degree of functional or nonfunctional mental states,  and short travel distances.  Today the Sun is sextile Uranus(sudden movement, higher communications) which is a good aspect for gaining new information or getting important messages.  From our perspective on Earth, it is the Sun visiting the eccentric harbinger of information Uranus.  You probably received interesting info that you are trying hard to process.  Do try put the effort in disseminating the message, he's got something for you. Plus Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, so you may not get how the message got to you, but that’s okay, Uranus works that way.

Speaking of Gemini and the eternal child, heiress Huguette Clark died yesterday, at the age of 104.  Her assets are reported to be over $100 million dollars.  Her history is she is the last remaining child of Senator Clarke(known white collar crook who stole millions while in his US Senate seat) from a century ago. She has a lot of Gemini in her chart! Her Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto are all in Gemini.  She was a person very much in her head, her whole world was her ideas.  She was an extremely reclusive individual who got through the day by being alone with her extensive doll collection and watching the Flintstones cartoons everyday.  I think she might have has some traumatic experience or some developmental disorder, perhaps even aspergers.  I don't know her exact birth time so I don't know the houses(areas of life) in her chart, but with Venus(values) Neptune(dissolving of boundaries, illusions) in Cancer next to each other, both opposite Uranus(freedom, sudden actions) in Capricorn I have a glimpse of what could have happened.  I think it was something that happened with her parents, she was the daughter of Clarke's significantly younger second wife.  Perhaps the death of her mother or some radical change to her environment caused her to retreat into her own inner world to seek shelter, very Venus Neptune in Cancer.  When I think of Cancer, I  image  how crab retreats into its hard outer shell when frightened by other creatures.  She was put into an arranged marriage to a bankrupt Irish Duke that shortly broke up after a year and which was never consummated.  I imagine lots of people think about what they would do if they had had that sort of wealth and for that matter why didn't she do anything with it?  She did give sizable amounts to charities and hospitals, but always from behind the scene, always kept hidden from public view.  I see how a large fortune could insulate one from the world if a person had no reasons or people to stayed connected with the outside world.  Also with her Mercury(mind) square Saturn(endings, fear) I imagine there were some strong fears she had.  She spent the last 30 years of her life in a hospital.  She was one strange and lonely person, I hope she made an easy transition into the world of spirits, it seems a part of her was already trying to escape. . .

 Other news,

Hosni Mubarak, former president of Egypt, and his sons were indicted today!  They are being charged with killing unarmed protesters in the 18 day revolt that deposed him from power.  He is coming up on his Uranus Return, which is not that common a transit for people, you have to live to around 84 years old to get it!  A Uranus Return entails freeing oneself from all previous obligations that one had for the past 84 years.  Interesting enough Sun sextile Uranus today, the light of the Sun is shining on him, so any secrets he is hiding will be found out.  He had a recent heart attack and is in detention.  Mercury(news) is conjunct his Sun today with Mars(action) and Venus(values, love) soon to follow.  I am sure he is now very aware of present situation.   He will either choose to fight and live on or he will choose to go. Those going through a Uranus return will either accept it and move on or opt out.   In looking at his chart, it looks like he may fight it out, at the very least to support his sons, since they are also being charged.  Its an end of an era in Egypt.  As I mentioned in my March article about Uranus's movement into Aries, Uranus in Aries marks the time of when the Ottoman Empire fell and Europe demarcated the Middle East.  I believe Mubarak's reign of 30 years, a Saturn cycle, was the end of the dictatorship period of long ago.  Hopefully Egypt will have a better political system and leadership that more closely fit the needs of her people.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

One more chance. . .

Blogger ate my last post on what was happening this week in the heavens.  I will rewrite the article as soon as I can so as to keep everyone informed.  In the spirit of the Libra Moon, negotiation, today I am willing to give them another chance, provided that this be the last time this happens.  Rewrite coming soon!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tornados, Bin Laden, Sick Friend, Oh my!!!

Wow there is certainly a world wind of info.  Tornadoes, Bin Laden, Sick Friend and a Royal Wedding.  Remember when I said Spring is the most volatile time in my post about Aries and Spring?  Do you doubt me?lol

So much is happening, I am going to try and attempt to explain some of it.  First off with the tornadoes, perhaps it could all that fire in the sky we have been having.  When lots of planets are all in one energy it tends to stir things up and cause disturbances, as in the 2 weeks of tornadoes that happened in the South, climax on the 27th of April. 

The death of Osama Bin Laden, now that is interesting, one astrologer I know mentioned its the Mars(action) Jupiter(expansion) conjunction. 2 years ago when Mars and Jupiter were joined in a Mars 2 year cycle the US was looking for him.  They found him, or rather with all the fire in the sky motivated to seek out his location and capture him.  Who knows the real story of why and when; bet thats classified. . .

I had one friend who went to the hospital on Sunday due to ecoli poisoning and was bleeding internally.  She is fine now, but on Tuesday I heard that a different friend's sister had internal bleeding.  Mars rules the planet Aries and in the rulership of mars is knives,acts of violence or bloodletting. 

Not to worry everyone, but all recent outer planets that changed signs will be going retrograde(backwards) before the year is over.  The events the past few months when planets Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter ere moved into new signs is a preview of what is to come in the coming years; after this year we get to fully experience their presence in these new signs and that comes with that experience.  

I also believe that this aspect of Uranus Pluto Square will herald in major changes through dramatic events through the world that will have long term consequences.  Especially when I think of Uranus(sudden action) in Fire (early Aries) and Pluto(power plays) in Earth(early Capricorn) the phrase I think encapsulates it is the nickname of Poseidon, "Earth Shaker."

Ladies and Gentlemen we are in Earth Shaker times.  Its rock and roll the non radio/mp3 version. 
Here is something I have noticed lately and this is still an early thought that I  have not fully fleshed out yet, but it is something I have noticed recently.  The 4 Elementals, (although recently I learned more about the energy of Spirit and Void :) ) Fire, Air, Wind and Water, I have seen their presence become more known in strong concentrated forms over the fast few years.  Especially now where new significant extreme events in nature happen every couple of weeks.  I see this as the planet trying to get our attention.  I am thinking of  the element Earth, it is support, a container, foundation, the physical, the Earth shakes, moves tectonic plates, earthquakes, which disturbs Water, which is responsive, reactive, flowing, can take any form, and from those violent tremors result in tsunamis .  The many planets in fire signs, lot of fire in the sky, wild fires in Texas, Fire to Consume, transform all it touches, purify, ignite the old forest becomes nutrients for the new.  Now Tornadoes, Air, formless, swift changing even quicker than Water, ideas, represents immediate change from the tarot.  I feel like the Earth is also given us a lesson in how this building blocks of our world operate.  Both mild or extreme conditions of these Elementals are present in our lives.  I can almost see this as the Earth flexing its muscle, to let us know we are on a huge living organism that ultimately has the final say on us humans.

Going to end here I have next and new pressing topic to publish this week about an important aspect of the moon that affects our daily life.  Until then!

PS Taught my first official astrology class this past weekend at Brid's Closet Beltaine Festival! Yea!!! It was great, I taught about the archetypes in astrological transits, which is something akin to what I mention in this blog :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mercury is Direct!!!

Yes Mercury is direct and Time will soon be a more steady, faster and more regular to all of us folks on Earth!

So take a few moments and think of what you learned on Mercury Retrograde and not , yeah it sucked.  Everything that went wrong went wrong just for you! Why? Retrogrades are learning times and most likely you realized something when a frustrating moment happened.  Mercury zooms around pretty fast compared to the other planets that move around our solar system.  So the lessons you learned or problem you were trying to solve will hopefully become apparent to you now.  Mercury's quick rotation and proximity to Earth increases the processing time of what you have learned with this planet.  A planet like Pluto which is on the outter realm of our solar system will have powerful and strong lessons, but for human processing time it takes a lot longer to fully understand what has happened and how you choose to accept it.

Now that Mercury is direct we can actually do something with all that pent up energy we had from all this fire in the sky during the Mercury Retrograde.  Hopefully you had constructive conversations with people and didn't burn too many bridges over miss-communication.  Now instead of us charging blindly like a bull, we can be more direct.  I speak of bulls because we are in the sign of Taurus now and a bull charges semi-blindly due to its poor eye sight.  Bulls charge after things that irritate them or get their attention like red flags or potential mates; regardless that won't really work for us.  Now the bull has on a pair of eye glasses!  Mercury is direct, so we can now see where we are going and start to build some steps toward our goals we started at the beginning of Spring.  

Personal story for me involves Mercury as a messenger and the planets Venus(love, possessions, pleasure) and Uranus(freedom, revolutions, sudden meetings).  Late Friday evening Venus joined Uranus for a bit, creating very sudden, surprising, and hopefully fun incidents.  I have a similar configuration in my chart where these two planets are talking to each other, but you never know what you will get with Uranus.  Uranus is also the higher octave of Mercury, so lots of timing going on.  Friday when applying for a job(Venus) I found on the internet(Uranus) I got a sudden phone call from the company that was handling the applications.  During the phone called he asked if I was interested in taking any classes.  So long story short, I was hit up to take some classes, business classes online, we'll see.  Late Saturday evening my wallet(Venus) was stolen suddenly(Uranus) and I did not realize this till the next morning when I woke up.  The Mercury part is also there in two parts, He is the Patron God of Thieves and He is also a Messenger.  The message I got was I had too much attachment to my wallet and what money means to me, so I have to change my views on what I think money should be used for.

Also later that evening I delivered a tarot deck to a friend of a friend and gave a few readings.  It turned out to be a lovely evening where I was surround by 3 friendly and hospitable women who were fire signs(2 were Aries!). I did not check before hand to see if Venus had moved into Aries, lol I didn't have to!

So this is not all about me, on the train ride home Sunday evening I saw these two European guys flirting with a group of Black and Dominican ladies and a very Venus Uranus moment happened, one wanted to pose with one of the ladies in a picture.  So he did this flashy ridiculous pose while she stood next to him and took a picture.  Venus always like too look pretty and have others know and Uranus brought this sudden event and the higher technology to capture it.

I imagine that more people will be calling and reaching out to you.  Mercury will not be completely up to speed till after the first full week in May, so watch out for a few more "lessons."

Btw go enjoy the Spring Flowers and Trees that are in bloom.  They won't be here long, but enjoy them while you can!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Full Moon Sunday

The chart I cast for on the Full Moon has a very interesting dynamic between home and work, as well as obligations to others outside the home structure.  The Full Moon itself falls into a place that deals with institutions, community groups, friends, the greater populace outside the inner circle of the home and family.  This Full Moon at 27 Libra is what I would consider to be a releasing moon since it is close to moving into the next sign.  I believe it will be releasing obligations to others who fit the the old dream of relationships you had.  Perhaps there were plans or goals that you and the person or group once thought you could accomplish or strive to complete.  This Full Moon is asking that you either complete them and release them into the world to exist on their own or that you let go of a project or idea that no longer servers where you are now.  Examples of such ideas could be that group you started with another person to meet socially or maybe a website of a common interest that did not receive a good following.

The Planet Saturn is opposing Mars right now, in a nutshell for the purposes of this chart, I see it as a bond or relationship that is working against  your feelings to do things on your own.  Perhaps this association is too constricting and preventing your from growing or maybe new terms or boundaries need to be set up, so you feel it does not strangle your autonomy.  It was probably making you feel self protective to the point you wanted to vigorously defend your self and stop what impeded your own domain or family life. Mars was joining Saturn in July 31 2010, which would fall in the part of the chart corresponds to relationship you had with an authority figure, parent, or one in which strong resolute bonds were established.  At the same this joining was opposite another joining of the Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus.  This speak of a quick decision to form this partnership out of a sudden sense of opportunity and hope for expansion.  Again this is all corresponds to whether you can release it.  This is a 2 year cycle and we are half way through it so, by now you might really be at the peak of this union and you will know hopefully by now if it was worth it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fiery Sky!

Pluto went retrograde this past Saturday; he has retreated to the Underworld. But, even though he has departed, he left something behind for you to chew on (or, in some cases, chew on you!)

 Pluto is the name of the God of the Underworld whose name was given to the planet, which was discovered in 1930. Pluto is the planet of Transformation, Underworld activities (both figuratively and literally), Rebirth, Deep Pathworkings and Power.

 Perhaps with what is going on lately with Neptune moving into Pisces and Pluto going retro, it is a review of the darker side of our dreams.   As with the darker side of nuclear power, we see how its byproducts are now poisoning the ocean near Japan.  This goes along with the blog entry I posted titled the Transformation Process.  I hope the further tragedies to the environment will help galvanize the Japanese and the populations around the world who use nuclear power to move away from it.

On Monday Mars squared Pluto. In a nutshell, your actions are delayed or halted by a higher power. This also sets off some fireworks with people everywhere it seems. Arguments have increased and tempers are short.  Depending where it falls in  your chart, this aspect is setting off a transit that was in place months ago.  For Mars was joined with Pluto in December, close to the time of the Lunar Eclipse that set into motion the earthquakes that happened near Japan. When Mars was joined with Pluto on Dec 13th, Mercury was joined with Pluto and Mars.  So that conversation was started back then.  As with most conjunctions sometimes it hard to separate which energy was coming from which planet, but there is an event that sparks off a story that will unfold. The tension that Pluto and Mars are currently in will bring that realization to the surface.  People will realize this when arguments and other tensions erupt, it triggers this argument and perhaps it even has links to some violence in the past.  Now although the square will only last a few days, the incident it brought up will be visiting you again when the opposition hits later in the year.   Plus with all the planets in fire right now, its a hot time!

In the news, officials who are using a computer called SPEEDI, which calculates the risk assessment of contaminants going into the environment, are saying that the level of radiation leakage is equivalent to Chernobyl.  The evidence conflicts with the government stating it was not that dangerous.  Here you see the Government, Pluto, vs Mars, nuclear plant workers.  Or it can be looked at as Pluto, the power plant, vs the Mars the actions of the leakage of radioactive materials.

 In Bahrain, doctors and other hospital workers are being detained because the government fears they are siding with people trying to destabilize the government.  Pluto (Power), the government vs Mars (Action) soldiers or in this case doctors. (Here I equate Mars with  doctors, since they wield sharp instruments to perform surgeries.)

 Try and stay cool if you can. The Full Moon coming up will be another big release for people.  I'll discuss more about that as the time draws near.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Neptune Changing Signs!

Yes the "next dream" is on its way.  Big Big Big transit coming.  Neptune goes around the solar system every 164 years and spends around 15 years or so in a sign and will be in Pisces till 2026! What does all of this mean?

First off lets discuss what Neptune is about.  Neptune, Roman name of Poseidon, and his two brothers  Hades and  Zeus decided to split up the 3 kingdoms of Earth after defeating Cronus(Roman name Saturn).  Zeus as leader of the revolt claimed the top spoil the Heavens, while, Hades received rule over the Underworld while Poseidon received rule over the Oceans.  Poseidon, God of Seas, Rivers, Floods, Earthquakes and Horses who's other names are "Storm Bringer" and "Earth Shaker." All of these descriptions of him seem to fit especially if you look at whats been happening in the world right now.  Now astrologically the planet Neptune rules over Water, Dreams, Illusions, Infectious Diseases, Martyrs, Religious Leaders, Drugs and Alcohol, Music, Visual arts Photography, Film, and Dissolving of Boundaries.  All of these phenomenons will be increasing as we move forward into Neptune in Pisces which is its natural sign to be in.  Neptune's main attribute is dissolver of boundaries and that can be good or it can be bad, more importantly its a difficult energy to control.  Neptune is the higher octave(frequency, level, vibration) of Venus; where Venus is physical love and tangible values, Neptune is spiritual love and universal feelings.  Like the very nature of water, Neptune cannot be contained easily and will always have a own will of its own to escape its containers. What is important is how you can use Neptune's energy.  You can use it in its lower forms, substances and activities to that which you can use to escape reality or instead use Neptune's energy  in activities that inspire and share connections of positive feelings of oneness and love. 

Yesterday's New Moon was a good inspirational time to work on those dreams and clear out any remnants of crap you don't need.  There will be a lot of fire in the sky too, many planets will be in Aries.  The will be a tendency to leap out full steam, but again as I mentioned in a previous post about Mercury Retrograde, put that energy toward an inner dialogue of fleshing out plans for the new dream. This dream of yours is a new one or revitalization of an older one you are working on.  I believe if you can gear your dream to the aspects of what I mentioned you can benefit from your goal in many ways.  For the last time Neptune was in Pisces was the California Gold Rush and there is a new rush of something coming our way.  There are many ways to use such enthusiasm, look toward where your natal Neptune is in your chart that is where you will benefit and where transiting Neptune currently is will tell the story of how it will happen. 

When Neptune moves into Pisces this Monday at 7:49 pm EST it will be a brief preview of things to come of for the next 15 years.  Neptune will only spend till early June in Pisces before it goes retrograde back into Aquarius.  So, like me, watch what goes on in the news, the world, and in your sector of the your daily world.  There will be messages given as to what is to come. I believe this will be a good adjustment process for us, because it is a big event when an outer planet changes signs.  Early November will hallmark the time when Neptune will be in Pisces to stay for the duration of its time in this sign.

I will of course be discussing a lot more about Neptune as well as the other outer planets as they ease into their new signs.  So don't worry, we are all in this together and knowledge is support!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back to the Future Mercury!

It's that time again! Mercury went retrograde yesterday at 4:48 pm.  Mercury is the planet of Communication, Siblings, Travel, Speech, Movement, Information, Patron God of Thieves and a Trickster God to boot!
So that is the main player in this astrological phenomenon. (Though trust me, there are crazier ones than this!) And now for the next question: "What is planetary retrograde?"

Basically from our perspective on Earth it appears as if the planet Mercury is going backwards in its elliptical orb around our solar system.  Of course that doesn't make sense, nor is it possible.  How this works is Mercury moves faster than the Earth, and in its orb it hits a particular arc where it's on the shorter end of the arc. That combined with its faster movement makes it look like it's going backwards.  Think when you are on an express train and you can see the local train across the tunnel and at times when the speed changes it looks like the local is going backwards.

This optical illusion is important to us humans, because Western Astrology and most other types are based on a geocentric view (Earth based view.)  Now the effect of Mercury going retrograde causes disruptions in how Mercury communicates with us.  Some occurrences that happen are machines of various sorts ignoring our commands, public transportation snafus, missed meetings with people, misplaced objects in the mail, mishearing what people are saying and contracts that change.  Don't panic, because now you are aware and prepared.  Leave earlier than you usually do to allow extra time for transportation incidents (and put down that silly phone when you cross the street so you don't create any incidents yourself), expect the unexpected and roll with it.  If you have to sign a contract now throw in a clause to renegotiate at a later date if you can. Make sure to back up your computer files as well.  Laugh with Mercury when you can and throw in silly anecdotes when you tell others of your day.

Mercury will be in retrograde from now till the 23rd.  Of course, be aware that the lines of communication will not be fully back to status quo until we have left the shadow period of the retrograde, early May.

What needs to be realized is that Mercury is not here with you on this one. Sorry, he's got places to go, people to see and fun, funny jokes to play on people; actually he always has time for the latter ;). One of the other great gifts Mercury brings is to mess with our sense of time, which for most of us in Industrialized Nations is very rigid and linear, thus making the majority of our waking lives happen that way.  It is only when one faces adversity do you have to find creative solutions, that make you smart, witty, and a helluva a lot more interesting than some hum drum cog in a clock; humans are not clock cogs!!! The Trickster God has a lesson plan for this Retrograde and here is the scoop: 

Mercury went Retrograde in Aries, the planet of Action.  So most likely you were motivated by Uranus in Aries these past few weeks and were busy working on new plans and innovations.  You got the answers, had the plan and were waiting for Mars to move into the race car driver sign of Aries.  Great, awesome, but now slow down.  The time right now is to let this gestate a bit and have those plans flesh out.  This is a great time to visualize the new seeds of the goals you want to plant.  Also most important, let your mind take a break, and spend more time with less distractions from the outer world.  Yes, most of us have day jobs and daily responsibilities that must and should be done.  But, when you have taken care of most of them, retreat to your inner sanctum and listen to the inner.  It is not time to be talking with the outside world, but to initiate an inner dialogue with you.  It is time for you and your master planner to quietly chill out on the couch and listen to some calm music and bounce ideas off each other. 

Relax with Mercury and try to laugh with him as he turns parts of our lives into a situational comedy.

Seriously take this extra time, speaking of which, our Lord of Time, Saturn is retrograde as well, so before he kick starts the reality of your dream in June, rest up a bit.

Time Flies (backwards), till next time!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Transformation Process

Took a small break, but I'm back. The world does keep turning!

I was reading about how in the process of nuclear fission, Uranium turns to Plutonium.  This is indeed a fascinating realization.  

The planet Uranus was discovered in 1781. Uranium was then discovered 8 years later and 8 years is basically the time Uranus spends in a sign. Pluto was discovered in 1930; around the time various scientists were developing a weapon using nuclear power. The discoveries of planets usually follow a pattern, where a major event will affect a large number of people, for good or for ill.  This is sort of how the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto work. The energies of these planets greatly influence us and it is sometimes hard to handle, especially when they are in communication with the personal planets in our birth chart.  That's another reason people of all ages can have one these planets in the same sign.  For example, Pluto was in Libra from 1971-1984 and so everyone born in this time frame has Pluto in the same sign.  Regardless of how strong or frequent Pluto is in that group of people's chart, all will have specific experiences and realizations involving Pluto in Libra. The Pluto in Libra generation is about the power and transformative effects of being in relationships. This is a break from the "Pluto in Virgo Generation" in the sense that the "Pluto in Libra Generation" will often have relationships that might seem unconventional to a majority of people from the previous generation.  I believe the challenge is to find what the personal balance in the relationship is. In a sense that is something purely left up to the couple. Power and strength will come from that union the couple has, once they determine what their shared vision is for themselves.

Getting back to the Uranium turning into Plutonium topic: The sequence of events here illustrates the radical change we are suddenly thrust into, an uncomfortable situation in unfamiliar territory and trying to cope. If you succeed in navigating the waters of shifting changes then something must have fundamentally changed in your psyche. It is from that change that the person has gained an important new perspective on life and a strength that they will always keep with them. I believe that is a link Uranus has to Pluto, especially from our perspective on Earth. Pluto, which is considered a dwarf planet now (although whatever astronomers call it, it will not denigrate its importance to astrologers) is the planet of Transformation, Underworld activities (both figuratively and literally), Rebirth, Deep Pathworkings and most importantly Power. Power is something that you have over someone or something or it is something had over you. It is the exploration of Power that puts a person in a power struggle that tests one's mettle. This power struggle is a lot different from a Martian struggle, where it could be as simple as shoving someone out of the way to get a seat on the bus. Pluto's power struggles usually bring up a deeply sensitive memory of how we either were subjugated by another or dominated someone else.  This dynamic influences the decisions we make. An example of Plutonian power struggle would be a child custody battle, in which one parent uses blackmail or coerces a judge to support their side against the other parent. Even after a difficult battle and outcome unknown, it will be an experience that will deeply affect the people involved, including the child.

The nuclear crisis in Japan has brought up a similar reaction within the people in Tokyo. The Japanese have a history of exercising restraint, whether it be from limiting emotional outbursts and displays of affection to their day to day dealings with others. This jishuku, self-restraint, has increased to high levels, much like the radiation in the area around the reactors. From what I have read, people are walking on eggshells. Even advertisements have slowed their constant cries for attention. People are not going to karaoke, they're canceling Sakura (cherry blossom) festival and watching parties and not socializing with each other. The sudden changes people in Japan face will ultimately bring about a fundamental change in the people. Hopefully this time in the Underworld will help Japan emerge a stronger people. They must deal with their dark history of nuclear energy, both from the tragic Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings to this latest chapter of potential nuclear meltdown. The Japanese have a history of making useful innovations for the world. I hope they will make new strides to find a cleaner and less dangerous source for their energy needs.  If any country can move from 1950's dream of nuclear power to a more stable and safer energy source, I believe Japan can lead the way.

Coming soon: a Mercury Retro update :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Equinox!

The Astrological Year Starts!!!

For Western Astrology, the Spring Equinox is the beginning of the astrological calendar, which starts 0'00 degrees Aries.

Spring is a very energy driven time. It is the spark of life that wakes up the animals and plants that have been sleeping or functioning at a slower pace. It’s a volatile time as well: the energy is high so action is easier than planning. Look at the sign Aries, the ram. The ram springs up mountainsides with its strong legs and its head leaning forward for balance. During this time, rams are concerned with establishing their territory in order to preserve the best food sources and to find the best mates. Yes, there is some planning involved, but not anything too intricate. The type of planning is more of, “What needs to be done to secure my space, mark my territory, patrol it and fend off other strong male rams that are a threat?” Thinking is dictated toward immediate action to get fast and resolute results; act quicker than your opponent in order to survive. If you look at how rams establish rank, it is by being quicker, stronger, more powerful and seemingly immovable from a spot. When a dominant male does this, the lesser one backs off. This prevents constant battle from the same opponent, eventually establishing a pecking order.

Mars, planet of action, rules Aries. This is the energy that rules this time period. It sets off your initial actions that begin the year. Think and act. Make sure you act on what you do -- now is the time. Also like the battling ram, going headfirst is what will get you to your goal. As an earth sign I have to keep reminding myself I need to push forward even if I don't know where all the roads lead. I have found sometimes you only get information by going forward. It’s only then that you know what the landscape is and how to maneuver through it.

I’ve been looking at the charts for both the Full Moon yesterday at 2:09pm and the Spring Equinox today at 7:21 pm. Both are interesting charts and I have cast them for New York City, so the times might be a few hours different depending on where you are in the country. What I can see from the Full Moon chart is that a lot of it will be wrapping up the events of Neptune in Aquarius, which will be changing signs in about 2 weeks. It is at a place where it will be ending a phase of your dreams that were purely ideas. The challenge is to now implement them into the greater whole of humanity. It is time to see how it fits with others and if it will merge well with what other peoples' motivations are. This dream of the many you have is specifically community minded and dealing with how you have shared with others. For others the dream might disappear. There is a chance it won't make it into this next phase and that is okay. This is a good time to pay attention to the muse, which might have been subtlety influencing you. Neptune in Pisces is very spiritual and is comfortable in this sign, so what inspires you will inspire many likeminded people who will have similar ideals and concepts.

Now the Spring Equinox chart is very interesting. The radical new relationships will push you forward to where you need to go and for some, to places they have not thought of before. It is a strong energy, so while Neptune is changing signs, you will be making important changes as well. You don't need to fear. As I mentioned before you will have help. This new partnership whether it be romantic, business, friendship, or re-establishing an existing one will set the tone for the next 8 years since Uranus reached Aries before the Sun entered Aries. This past January during the New Moon eclipse,  Jupiter (planet of expansion, gifts, joy) was with Uranus, so this new radical change that comes up will be a change that you will benefit from. With the planets in Aries, things will happen faster than you can think, so don't be afraid if you can not precisely plot your progress; go with the change. You will have time to disseminate and analyze later. This relationship will be a lot about who you are and what you share. These common values define you and will define the relationship itself. Relationships at this time will be sudden, but will have a strong common ground from which to work with since Saturn (karma, responsibility, time) is in communication with Venus (values, love, aesthetics). The connection between the two planets will promote a strong purpose, which will be significant for you and the outside world. The Moon in Libra will further emphasize this new connection, because your needs for a partner will be strong. It will happen, so you don't have to go intensely searching for this new light in your life.

So Spring Forward and Launch!

PS Check out the Full Moon tonight, it will be really spectacular!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Uranus Burns Hot!

Astrology can be seen and used in many ways.  It can be used for healing, as in delving into the psychological and behavioral patterns we have. It can also be used to help navigate the rocky uncertainties we feel, while alerting us to opportunities that await our acceptance.  Right now I believe it can be used to greater understand  what is currently going on in the world.  For when we have a better understanding of the outside we can also have a better understanding of the inside.
I have been following the recent news about the crisis in Japan, specifically what's happening with the nuclear reactor.  Besides the obvious and immediate danger of the situation, I also see it as a warning, one that is telling us to be cautious in the future use of unstable technology; a technology  we are just getting accustomed to.  Man has a great responsibility for all of the inventions he has made and humans must be responsible for the consequences of  their actions.  Right now  the earth has been holding up a mirror to us, especially to those of us in industrialized nations.  It is saying "look at what is going on, just look, but now feel, hear, see, smell, and know what has been happening."  With December 21st, 2012 approaching and the Earth moving closer in orbit to the Galactic Center(center of our universe) the energy sent to the Earth will increase the vibrations, mainly earthquakes.  It's as if someone is shaking us awake, and that person is the Earth. Someone once said we are the tiny fleas on the back of a giant creature.   I believe also, just like fleas we have been sucking too much blood and causing infections on our vital and omnipotent host.

Let's look now at the direct relationship between Uranus and  the disaster in Japan.
Uranium was discovered in 1789 by Martin Heinrich Klaproth who named it after the recently discovered planet Uranus, which was discovered 8 years earlier by William Herschel (Herschel named Uranus after Greek Sky of creation myths). Uranus is the planet of Radical Change, Rebellion, Higher Electronics, Sudden Insight, Higher Thinking, and New Technologies. 
Uranium is used in the process of creating materials used to make nuclear fission.  The very act is very Uranian and in this destruction of elements we harness the energy to power our cities and homes.  This comes at a cost because in that destruction we also create byproducts that are not found in nature.  These byproducts are hazardous to just about everything living thing on the planet.

Another example, which is appropriate to Uranus in Aries, is the myth of Prometheus, the story of a Titan who stole fire from Gods and gave it to human beings.  Prometheus was punished by Zeus for such a defiant act and was chained to the top of Mount Kaukasos where he had a vulture continually picking at and eating his liver. Zeus made sure his liver regenerated so Prometheus could perpetually feel the pain and remember why he was punished! From fire we have gone through the innovations it can make and now we have advanced to higher technology, electricity.  Many advances and creations were then powered and created with electricity.  From electricity we have come up with various other sources to power our electrical creations, like nuclear power. 

Time to look back at Japan.  The spent uranium fuel rods are overheating and that is wearing down the structural integrity of the containment housing.  If the rods are not cooled down it could cause a meltdown and extremely radioactive waste will be exposed to the environment.  That radioactive waste could cause a disaster to us all, for once introduced to the environment it will not leave for a very long time. It will be a continual and painful reminder,  much like Prometheus's punishment. 

I hope we can heed these signs being shown to us.
Till next time!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Uranus Part Deux

There is a lot going on right now and Uranus moving into Aries is big enough by itself to occupy one's thoughts. Although uttering that phrase aloud in a "non astrological" context might get a few stares. . .

Here are some updates of things I have noticed. This will be an ongoing post for Uranus events you have seen in the news or have witnessed personally. I believe this will help everyone, including myself learn more about how this transition works. Feel free to post these in the comments section.

Yesterday at 7:52pm, it's a new world world, or a significantly different one than before.

Again I encourage you to send in your own experiences you would like to share.

Here are some I noticed:

Courtney sent me a New York Times article about how 21 priests were let go. This also reminds me of the changing of the nodes, from the Authoritarian that is not to be questioned, to the true teacher and learner. That's a shift. As far as pertaining to Uranus, I see it as leaving the Piscean theme of sacrificing for another and going toward self driven action and concern. I see the shifting nodes I mentioned as part of a way for us to learn, teach, and live from our personal experiences in life instead of relying upon established institutions.  Its about getting to the heart of the matter of what to learn, its not in school text book, but trip to another place where you learned so much.  The Sagittarian experience is gleaming tidbits from others, books, and integrating that into their vast experiences on the roads of life they travel on.  Let your personal observations and experience guide you.

Also when I mention Astrological Signs I speak of the archetype of that sign and its characteristics, not so much the people who have them. If I do, I will clearly state that.

Here are more to add to the list.

Drummer for Alice In Chains died recently.

A friend of mine has a dearly beloved cat who is terminally ill right now.

As of recently a tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Sudden action relating to water, another example.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Unraveling Times

Uranus Changes Signs!

Uranus: planet of Change, Revolution, Rebellion, Higher Electronics, Freedom, Higher Thinking, Sudden Insights and Sudden Actions.  Uranus was one of the original Gods in Greek Mythology: the father of Kronus who was Zeus's father.  Kronus wanted power and knew the only way to achieve it was to kill his father.  So he slew Uranus and the blood that fell to the Earth became the Titans.  The sudden action of killing his father and the instantaneous birth of the Titans are all very Uranian.

When a planet changes signs it is a big occurrence. The change that is occurring is in the last few degrees of Pisces, which is the sign at the end of the zodiac.  The last few degrees of Pisces are considered extremely unstable.  Therefore when planets fall in those last few degrees they are unstable and erratic. It also signifies major endings for people and events. Even aspects of nature unravel. 

An example of a person unraveling is Charlie Sheen and his behavior this past week.  He spoke of abusing drugs, alcohol and even people in the past.  If one looks at the sign Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune, drugs are one of the lower forms of what Neptune rules. Also ruled by Neptune are Illusions, Dreams, Mergers, Higher Love, the Sea, Oneness with the Universe and the Collective Unconsciousness.  Charlie, much like Uranus, is unraveling. His statements, actions, and overall behavior are erratic and winding down. Charlie might make it or he might not but the point is that once Uranus moves into Aries it’s a whole new cycle. Time to start all over again, back to the beginning of the zodiac: Aries.  Charlie might not be up for such a transition. The nature of Uranus will be even more sudden, yet the actions will be direct.

The Middle East is another example of how the changes in Uranus are sweeping through.  If you look back at the time when the Ottoman Empire fell, the Middle East was in chaos. Several European countries succeeded in partitioning off and occupying lands in the Middle East as well.  This was done because they saw the great wealth of resources in oil and other commodities there. All of this was around the time Uranus was in Aries and that time is coming again!  So all of the artificial demarcation lines that created the current countries are unraveling. There are a lot of ethnic groups, tribes and divisions among even the people in a single country.  People are rising up, seeking freedom and starting revolutions, which is also very Uranian.  They will no longer be a lone voice in a collective of people, but a unique voice, which backs up their ideas with actions.  The Middle East will not be settling down any time soon.

Look to see how Uranus might be changing aspects of your life:  Sudden changes in jobs, breaking off relationships or changes in family structures.  It’s a very unstable time.  Things will smooth out a little on the 11th, but this is only the beginning.

What will you change in this next cycle?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Change is a Comin'

The Change is a Comin'...And it will happen to you!

This Thursday there will be a subtle yet profoundly felt long term change.  The nodes will be shifting!

Nodes are calculated points that are the distance between the Moon and the Sun in relation to the Earth.  The North Node or “Dragon's Head” brings opportunity into your life. Like your actual human head it feeds the purpose in your life.  The South Node or “Tail of the Dragon” takes things away from your life, specifically unused things that no longer serve your purpose; yep elimination parts are usually under a tail :)

So, how can you best use this aspect?  Look toward that sector of your life where you have taken steps forward in your career while eliminating things that might have been bothering you at home. Shift towards using those accomplishments to teach others (and give advice when requested) instead of complaining like a child that was given the wrong popsicle!

This will involve some emotional maturity, but you will be ready for it.  Right after this aspect comes a New Moon! It will be in Pisces so pay attention to your dreams, as they’ll show you the parts of your life you need to move forward. A New Moon brings a new start, a new seed of things you wish to grow. Move in the new direction (that you’ve likely already have gotten hints of.) Place some stones along the path, so you can traverse the road to that new goal. Every action you take toward what you want to become will take you that much closer. Begin with the new dream and two and half years from now you will have developed that new direction. Once you have done that, stay on it or make a new one. The way the Nodes work is that you can only move forward. As in life, the past will not feed you.  So keep track of what comes and what goes in your life. That will help direct you to where you are going.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Humor in the Face of Power

I was looking for my next topic and I stumbled upon it! While reading
a humorous New York Times article, I saw a reference to a strong
astrological aspect that started last week and which will continue for a
period of time: Jupiter square Pluto. Pluto is the planet of Transformation,
Underworld, Power, and Explosions (this one worries people, as this planet
was discovered when the nuclear bomb came into creation). Jupiter is the
planet of Luck, Opportunity, Abundance, Expansion, (sometimes) Excess,
and especially, in this case, Humor!

Noy Alooshe, an Israeli journalist, heard one of Qaddafi's histrionic
speeches expressing his contempt for the Libyan protesters. His speech
vowed to hunt down protesters “inch by inch, house by house, home by
home, alleyway by alleyway.” This inspired Noy Alooshe to remix “Hey
Baby,” a song by American rapper Pitbull, (featuring T-Pain.) He titled the
remix “Zenga-Zenga,” echoing Qaddafi’s repetition of the word “zanqa”
which is Arabic for “alleyway.” He included some dancing girls at the
bottom of the screen, adding to the “club vibe.”

He posted it late Tuesday Feb. 22nd and by the morning of the 27th it had
over 500,000 hits. As they say, it had “gone viral.” Besides his fellow
countrymen getting a chuckle, a surprisingly large amount of viewers from
the Arab world were also fans! He did of course receive some negative
comments, but overall most were positive.

The Jupiter/Pluto transit peaked at around Friday afternoon (the 25th) and
its influence continues. When planets like Jupiter and Pluto interact with
each other they usually correlate to significant events around that time

So while many feared that this transit would result in bombs, destruction
or excesses in power plays, here is one example of how it manifested in
humor during a tumultuous time. It gave everyone a breather to laugh at
something. The Arab world is still going through many changes, brought
about by Pluto in Capricorn. And, actually, a lot of governments around
the world will be undergoing fundamental changes in structure. This will
especially be the case with power plays and money. (One example of this
was when the NYSE faced the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 while
evidence came out that banks illegally invested money into stocks. The
party is over and that which is not fundamentally sound must fall and be

But again, even during this time of crisis, there will be pockets of humor to
remind us to laugh when we can (since it’s better than crying!) I hope that
even if you had some rough times this past week you found something to
laugh about.

Link to the video here

And here’s the non-dancing-girls version (many fans asked for this so
they could show the video to more conservative folks, like parents) http://

Here is my own personal Jupiter square Pluto story. I was at a party that my friend,
Rev Jen, was supposed to host and she ended up in power play with the promoter.
Long story short, instead of throwing a fit or submitting to unreasonable demands,
she escaped the situation with humor.  Let's just say an excuse of explosive diarrhea
can get you out of a lot of jams ;)

Till Next Time!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Astrology Time! Debut!

This is my Astrology Blog that I have started and I am happy to share with you my insights and thoughts on whats going on above us and of course how it relates to you.

Its fairly new right now, so I will just a give a tidbit for today and I'll see you again real soon.

Right now with the Moon in Capricorn its a good time to take care of business, especially old business, its a good time get those tax papers in order today and look through any old documents that are cluttering up file folders.  You will want to have them all in order with the latest updated paperwork so it will be one less thing to worry about.
Also any clutter thats been bothering you for the past few days, junk mail covering the kitchen table or the mail dump area, get rid of it.

And dress warmly, that cold air of Saturn will be felt today!