Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Change is a Comin'

The Change is a Comin'...And it will happen to you!

This Thursday there will be a subtle yet profoundly felt long term change.  The nodes will be shifting!

Nodes are calculated points that are the distance between the Moon and the Sun in relation to the Earth.  The North Node or “Dragon's Head” brings opportunity into your life. Like your actual human head it feeds the purpose in your life.  The South Node or “Tail of the Dragon” takes things away from your life, specifically unused things that no longer serve your purpose; yep elimination parts are usually under a tail :)

So, how can you best use this aspect?  Look toward that sector of your life where you have taken steps forward in your career while eliminating things that might have been bothering you at home. Shift towards using those accomplishments to teach others (and give advice when requested) instead of complaining like a child that was given the wrong popsicle!

This will involve some emotional maturity, but you will be ready for it.  Right after this aspect comes a New Moon! It will be in Pisces so pay attention to your dreams, as they’ll show you the parts of your life you need to move forward. A New Moon brings a new start, a new seed of things you wish to grow. Move in the new direction (that you’ve likely already have gotten hints of.) Place some stones along the path, so you can traverse the road to that new goal. Every action you take toward what you want to become will take you that much closer. Begin with the new dream and two and half years from now you will have developed that new direction. Once you have done that, stay on it or make a new one. The way the Nodes work is that you can only move forward. As in life, the past will not feed you.  So keep track of what comes and what goes in your life. That will help direct you to where you are going.

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  1. Perfect timing. I feel the need to clean my house. DESPERATELY clean my house....