Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back to the Future Mercury!

It's that time again! Mercury went retrograde yesterday at 4:48 pm.  Mercury is the planet of Communication, Siblings, Travel, Speech, Movement, Information, Patron God of Thieves and a Trickster God to boot!
So that is the main player in this astrological phenomenon. (Though trust me, there are crazier ones than this!) And now for the next question: "What is planetary retrograde?"

Basically from our perspective on Earth it appears as if the planet Mercury is going backwards in its elliptical orb around our solar system.  Of course that doesn't make sense, nor is it possible.  How this works is Mercury moves faster than the Earth, and in its orb it hits a particular arc where it's on the shorter end of the arc. That combined with its faster movement makes it look like it's going backwards.  Think when you are on an express train and you can see the local train across the tunnel and at times when the speed changes it looks like the local is going backwards.

This optical illusion is important to us humans, because Western Astrology and most other types are based on a geocentric view (Earth based view.)  Now the effect of Mercury going retrograde causes disruptions in how Mercury communicates with us.  Some occurrences that happen are machines of various sorts ignoring our commands, public transportation snafus, missed meetings with people, misplaced objects in the mail, mishearing what people are saying and contracts that change.  Don't panic, because now you are aware and prepared.  Leave earlier than you usually do to allow extra time for transportation incidents (and put down that silly phone when you cross the street so you don't create any incidents yourself), expect the unexpected and roll with it.  If you have to sign a contract now throw in a clause to renegotiate at a later date if you can. Make sure to back up your computer files as well.  Laugh with Mercury when you can and throw in silly anecdotes when you tell others of your day.

Mercury will be in retrograde from now till the 23rd.  Of course, be aware that the lines of communication will not be fully back to status quo until we have left the shadow period of the retrograde, early May.

What needs to be realized is that Mercury is not here with you on this one. Sorry, he's got places to go, people to see and fun, funny jokes to play on people; actually he always has time for the latter ;). One of the other great gifts Mercury brings is to mess with our sense of time, which for most of us in Industrialized Nations is very rigid and linear, thus making the majority of our waking lives happen that way.  It is only when one faces adversity do you have to find creative solutions, that make you smart, witty, and a helluva a lot more interesting than some hum drum cog in a clock; humans are not clock cogs!!! The Trickster God has a lesson plan for this Retrograde and here is the scoop: 

Mercury went Retrograde in Aries, the planet of Action.  So most likely you were motivated by Uranus in Aries these past few weeks and were busy working on new plans and innovations.  You got the answers, had the plan and were waiting for Mars to move into the race car driver sign of Aries.  Great, awesome, but now slow down.  The time right now is to let this gestate a bit and have those plans flesh out.  This is a great time to visualize the new seeds of the goals you want to plant.  Also most important, let your mind take a break, and spend more time with less distractions from the outer world.  Yes, most of us have day jobs and daily responsibilities that must and should be done.  But, when you have taken care of most of them, retreat to your inner sanctum and listen to the inner.  It is not time to be talking with the outside world, but to initiate an inner dialogue with you.  It is time for you and your master planner to quietly chill out on the couch and listen to some calm music and bounce ideas off each other. 

Relax with Mercury and try to laugh with him as he turns parts of our lives into a situational comedy.

Seriously take this extra time, speaking of which, our Lord of Time, Saturn is retrograde as well, so before he kick starts the reality of your dream in June, rest up a bit.

Time Flies (backwards), till next time!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Transformation Process

Took a small break, but I'm back. The world does keep turning!

I was reading about how in the process of nuclear fission, Uranium turns to Plutonium.  This is indeed a fascinating realization.  

The planet Uranus was discovered in 1781. Uranium was then discovered 8 years later and 8 years is basically the time Uranus spends in a sign. Pluto was discovered in 1930; around the time various scientists were developing a weapon using nuclear power. The discoveries of planets usually follow a pattern, where a major event will affect a large number of people, for good or for ill.  This is sort of how the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto work. The energies of these planets greatly influence us and it is sometimes hard to handle, especially when they are in communication with the personal planets in our birth chart.  That's another reason people of all ages can have one these planets in the same sign.  For example, Pluto was in Libra from 1971-1984 and so everyone born in this time frame has Pluto in the same sign.  Regardless of how strong or frequent Pluto is in that group of people's chart, all will have specific experiences and realizations involving Pluto in Libra. The Pluto in Libra generation is about the power and transformative effects of being in relationships. This is a break from the "Pluto in Virgo Generation" in the sense that the "Pluto in Libra Generation" will often have relationships that might seem unconventional to a majority of people from the previous generation.  I believe the challenge is to find what the personal balance in the relationship is. In a sense that is something purely left up to the couple. Power and strength will come from that union the couple has, once they determine what their shared vision is for themselves.

Getting back to the Uranium turning into Plutonium topic: The sequence of events here illustrates the radical change we are suddenly thrust into, an uncomfortable situation in unfamiliar territory and trying to cope. If you succeed in navigating the waters of shifting changes then something must have fundamentally changed in your psyche. It is from that change that the person has gained an important new perspective on life and a strength that they will always keep with them. I believe that is a link Uranus has to Pluto, especially from our perspective on Earth. Pluto, which is considered a dwarf planet now (although whatever astronomers call it, it will not denigrate its importance to astrologers) is the planet of Transformation, Underworld activities (both figuratively and literally), Rebirth, Deep Pathworkings and most importantly Power. Power is something that you have over someone or something or it is something had over you. It is the exploration of Power that puts a person in a power struggle that tests one's mettle. This power struggle is a lot different from a Martian struggle, where it could be as simple as shoving someone out of the way to get a seat on the bus. Pluto's power struggles usually bring up a deeply sensitive memory of how we either were subjugated by another or dominated someone else.  This dynamic influences the decisions we make. An example of Plutonian power struggle would be a child custody battle, in which one parent uses blackmail or coerces a judge to support their side against the other parent. Even after a difficult battle and outcome unknown, it will be an experience that will deeply affect the people involved, including the child.

The nuclear crisis in Japan has brought up a similar reaction within the people in Tokyo. The Japanese have a history of exercising restraint, whether it be from limiting emotional outbursts and displays of affection to their day to day dealings with others. This jishuku, self-restraint, has increased to high levels, much like the radiation in the area around the reactors. From what I have read, people are walking on eggshells. Even advertisements have slowed their constant cries for attention. People are not going to karaoke, they're canceling Sakura (cherry blossom) festival and watching parties and not socializing with each other. The sudden changes people in Japan face will ultimately bring about a fundamental change in the people. Hopefully this time in the Underworld will help Japan emerge a stronger people. They must deal with their dark history of nuclear energy, both from the tragic Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings to this latest chapter of potential nuclear meltdown. The Japanese have a history of making useful innovations for the world. I hope they will make new strides to find a cleaner and less dangerous source for their energy needs.  If any country can move from 1950's dream of nuclear power to a more stable and safer energy source, I believe Japan can lead the way.

Coming soon: a Mercury Retro update :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Equinox!

The Astrological Year Starts!!!

For Western Astrology, the Spring Equinox is the beginning of the astrological calendar, which starts 0'00 degrees Aries.

Spring is a very energy driven time. It is the spark of life that wakes up the animals and plants that have been sleeping or functioning at a slower pace. It’s a volatile time as well: the energy is high so action is easier than planning. Look at the sign Aries, the ram. The ram springs up mountainsides with its strong legs and its head leaning forward for balance. During this time, rams are concerned with establishing their territory in order to preserve the best food sources and to find the best mates. Yes, there is some planning involved, but not anything too intricate. The type of planning is more of, “What needs to be done to secure my space, mark my territory, patrol it and fend off other strong male rams that are a threat?” Thinking is dictated toward immediate action to get fast and resolute results; act quicker than your opponent in order to survive. If you look at how rams establish rank, it is by being quicker, stronger, more powerful and seemingly immovable from a spot. When a dominant male does this, the lesser one backs off. This prevents constant battle from the same opponent, eventually establishing a pecking order.

Mars, planet of action, rules Aries. This is the energy that rules this time period. It sets off your initial actions that begin the year. Think and act. Make sure you act on what you do -- now is the time. Also like the battling ram, going headfirst is what will get you to your goal. As an earth sign I have to keep reminding myself I need to push forward even if I don't know where all the roads lead. I have found sometimes you only get information by going forward. It’s only then that you know what the landscape is and how to maneuver through it.

I’ve been looking at the charts for both the Full Moon yesterday at 2:09pm and the Spring Equinox today at 7:21 pm. Both are interesting charts and I have cast them for New York City, so the times might be a few hours different depending on where you are in the country. What I can see from the Full Moon chart is that a lot of it will be wrapping up the events of Neptune in Aquarius, which will be changing signs in about 2 weeks. It is at a place where it will be ending a phase of your dreams that were purely ideas. The challenge is to now implement them into the greater whole of humanity. It is time to see how it fits with others and if it will merge well with what other peoples' motivations are. This dream of the many you have is specifically community minded and dealing with how you have shared with others. For others the dream might disappear. There is a chance it won't make it into this next phase and that is okay. This is a good time to pay attention to the muse, which might have been subtlety influencing you. Neptune in Pisces is very spiritual and is comfortable in this sign, so what inspires you will inspire many likeminded people who will have similar ideals and concepts.

Now the Spring Equinox chart is very interesting. The radical new relationships will push you forward to where you need to go and for some, to places they have not thought of before. It is a strong energy, so while Neptune is changing signs, you will be making important changes as well. You don't need to fear. As I mentioned before you will have help. This new partnership whether it be romantic, business, friendship, or re-establishing an existing one will set the tone for the next 8 years since Uranus reached Aries before the Sun entered Aries. This past January during the New Moon eclipse,  Jupiter (planet of expansion, gifts, joy) was with Uranus, so this new radical change that comes up will be a change that you will benefit from. With the planets in Aries, things will happen faster than you can think, so don't be afraid if you can not precisely plot your progress; go with the change. You will have time to disseminate and analyze later. This relationship will be a lot about who you are and what you share. These common values define you and will define the relationship itself. Relationships at this time will be sudden, but will have a strong common ground from which to work with since Saturn (karma, responsibility, time) is in communication with Venus (values, love, aesthetics). The connection between the two planets will promote a strong purpose, which will be significant for you and the outside world. The Moon in Libra will further emphasize this new connection, because your needs for a partner will be strong. It will happen, so you don't have to go intensely searching for this new light in your life.

So Spring Forward and Launch!

PS Check out the Full Moon tonight, it will be really spectacular!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Uranus Burns Hot!

Astrology can be seen and used in many ways.  It can be used for healing, as in delving into the psychological and behavioral patterns we have. It can also be used to help navigate the rocky uncertainties we feel, while alerting us to opportunities that await our acceptance.  Right now I believe it can be used to greater understand  what is currently going on in the world.  For when we have a better understanding of the outside we can also have a better understanding of the inside.
I have been following the recent news about the crisis in Japan, specifically what's happening with the nuclear reactor.  Besides the obvious and immediate danger of the situation, I also see it as a warning, one that is telling us to be cautious in the future use of unstable technology; a technology  we are just getting accustomed to.  Man has a great responsibility for all of the inventions he has made and humans must be responsible for the consequences of  their actions.  Right now  the earth has been holding up a mirror to us, especially to those of us in industrialized nations.  It is saying "look at what is going on, just look, but now feel, hear, see, smell, and know what has been happening."  With December 21st, 2012 approaching and the Earth moving closer in orbit to the Galactic Center(center of our universe) the energy sent to the Earth will increase the vibrations, mainly earthquakes.  It's as if someone is shaking us awake, and that person is the Earth. Someone once said we are the tiny fleas on the back of a giant creature.   I believe also, just like fleas we have been sucking too much blood and causing infections on our vital and omnipotent host.

Let's look now at the direct relationship between Uranus and  the disaster in Japan.
Uranium was discovered in 1789 by Martin Heinrich Klaproth who named it after the recently discovered planet Uranus, which was discovered 8 years earlier by William Herschel (Herschel named Uranus after Greek Sky of creation myths). Uranus is the planet of Radical Change, Rebellion, Higher Electronics, Sudden Insight, Higher Thinking, and New Technologies. 
Uranium is used in the process of creating materials used to make nuclear fission.  The very act is very Uranian and in this destruction of elements we harness the energy to power our cities and homes.  This comes at a cost because in that destruction we also create byproducts that are not found in nature.  These byproducts are hazardous to just about everything living thing on the planet.

Another example, which is appropriate to Uranus in Aries, is the myth of Prometheus, the story of a Titan who stole fire from Gods and gave it to human beings.  Prometheus was punished by Zeus for such a defiant act and was chained to the top of Mount Kaukasos where he had a vulture continually picking at and eating his liver. Zeus made sure his liver regenerated so Prometheus could perpetually feel the pain and remember why he was punished! From fire we have gone through the innovations it can make and now we have advanced to higher technology, electricity.  Many advances and creations were then powered and created with electricity.  From electricity we have come up with various other sources to power our electrical creations, like nuclear power. 

Time to look back at Japan.  The spent uranium fuel rods are overheating and that is wearing down the structural integrity of the containment housing.  If the rods are not cooled down it could cause a meltdown and extremely radioactive waste will be exposed to the environment.  That radioactive waste could cause a disaster to us all, for once introduced to the environment it will not leave for a very long time. It will be a continual and painful reminder,  much like Prometheus's punishment. 

I hope we can heed these signs being shown to us.
Till next time!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Uranus Part Deux

There is a lot going on right now and Uranus moving into Aries is big enough by itself to occupy one's thoughts. Although uttering that phrase aloud in a "non astrological" context might get a few stares. . .

Here are some updates of things I have noticed. This will be an ongoing post for Uranus events you have seen in the news or have witnessed personally. I believe this will help everyone, including myself learn more about how this transition works. Feel free to post these in the comments section.

Yesterday at 7:52pm, it's a new world world, or a significantly different one than before.

Again I encourage you to send in your own experiences you would like to share.

Here are some I noticed:

Courtney sent me a New York Times article about how 21 priests were let go. This also reminds me of the changing of the nodes, from the Authoritarian that is not to be questioned, to the true teacher and learner. That's a shift. As far as pertaining to Uranus, I see it as leaving the Piscean theme of sacrificing for another and going toward self driven action and concern. I see the shifting nodes I mentioned as part of a way for us to learn, teach, and live from our personal experiences in life instead of relying upon established institutions.  Its about getting to the heart of the matter of what to learn, its not in school text book, but trip to another place where you learned so much.  The Sagittarian experience is gleaming tidbits from others, books, and integrating that into their vast experiences on the roads of life they travel on.  Let your personal observations and experience guide you.

Also when I mention Astrological Signs I speak of the archetype of that sign and its characteristics, not so much the people who have them. If I do, I will clearly state that.

Here are more to add to the list.

Drummer for Alice In Chains died recently.

A friend of mine has a dearly beloved cat who is terminally ill right now.

As of recently a tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Sudden action relating to water, another example.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Unraveling Times

Uranus Changes Signs!

Uranus: planet of Change, Revolution, Rebellion, Higher Electronics, Freedom, Higher Thinking, Sudden Insights and Sudden Actions.  Uranus was one of the original Gods in Greek Mythology: the father of Kronus who was Zeus's father.  Kronus wanted power and knew the only way to achieve it was to kill his father.  So he slew Uranus and the blood that fell to the Earth became the Titans.  The sudden action of killing his father and the instantaneous birth of the Titans are all very Uranian.

When a planet changes signs it is a big occurrence. The change that is occurring is in the last few degrees of Pisces, which is the sign at the end of the zodiac.  The last few degrees of Pisces are considered extremely unstable.  Therefore when planets fall in those last few degrees they are unstable and erratic. It also signifies major endings for people and events. Even aspects of nature unravel. 

An example of a person unraveling is Charlie Sheen and his behavior this past week.  He spoke of abusing drugs, alcohol and even people in the past.  If one looks at the sign Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune, drugs are one of the lower forms of what Neptune rules. Also ruled by Neptune are Illusions, Dreams, Mergers, Higher Love, the Sea, Oneness with the Universe and the Collective Unconsciousness.  Charlie, much like Uranus, is unraveling. His statements, actions, and overall behavior are erratic and winding down. Charlie might make it or he might not but the point is that once Uranus moves into Aries it’s a whole new cycle. Time to start all over again, back to the beginning of the zodiac: Aries.  Charlie might not be up for such a transition. The nature of Uranus will be even more sudden, yet the actions will be direct.

The Middle East is another example of how the changes in Uranus are sweeping through.  If you look back at the time when the Ottoman Empire fell, the Middle East was in chaos. Several European countries succeeded in partitioning off and occupying lands in the Middle East as well.  This was done because they saw the great wealth of resources in oil and other commodities there. All of this was around the time Uranus was in Aries and that time is coming again!  So all of the artificial demarcation lines that created the current countries are unraveling. There are a lot of ethnic groups, tribes and divisions among even the people in a single country.  People are rising up, seeking freedom and starting revolutions, which is also very Uranian.  They will no longer be a lone voice in a collective of people, but a unique voice, which backs up their ideas with actions.  The Middle East will not be settling down any time soon.

Look to see how Uranus might be changing aspects of your life:  Sudden changes in jobs, breaking off relationships or changes in family structures.  It’s a very unstable time.  Things will smooth out a little on the 11th, but this is only the beginning.

What will you change in this next cycle?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Change is a Comin'

The Change is a Comin'...And it will happen to you!

This Thursday there will be a subtle yet profoundly felt long term change.  The nodes will be shifting!

Nodes are calculated points that are the distance between the Moon and the Sun in relation to the Earth.  The North Node or “Dragon's Head” brings opportunity into your life. Like your actual human head it feeds the purpose in your life.  The South Node or “Tail of the Dragon” takes things away from your life, specifically unused things that no longer serve your purpose; yep elimination parts are usually under a tail :)

So, how can you best use this aspect?  Look toward that sector of your life where you have taken steps forward in your career while eliminating things that might have been bothering you at home. Shift towards using those accomplishments to teach others (and give advice when requested) instead of complaining like a child that was given the wrong popsicle!

This will involve some emotional maturity, but you will be ready for it.  Right after this aspect comes a New Moon! It will be in Pisces so pay attention to your dreams, as they’ll show you the parts of your life you need to move forward. A New Moon brings a new start, a new seed of things you wish to grow. Move in the new direction (that you’ve likely already have gotten hints of.) Place some stones along the path, so you can traverse the road to that new goal. Every action you take toward what you want to become will take you that much closer. Begin with the new dream and two and half years from now you will have developed that new direction. Once you have done that, stay on it or make a new one. The way the Nodes work is that you can only move forward. As in life, the past will not feed you.  So keep track of what comes and what goes in your life. That will help direct you to where you are going.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Humor in the Face of Power

I was looking for my next topic and I stumbled upon it! While reading
a humorous New York Times article, I saw a reference to a strong
astrological aspect that started last week and which will continue for a
period of time: Jupiter square Pluto. Pluto is the planet of Transformation,
Underworld, Power, and Explosions (this one worries people, as this planet
was discovered when the nuclear bomb came into creation). Jupiter is the
planet of Luck, Opportunity, Abundance, Expansion, (sometimes) Excess,
and especially, in this case, Humor!

Noy Alooshe, an Israeli journalist, heard one of Qaddafi's histrionic
speeches expressing his contempt for the Libyan protesters. His speech
vowed to hunt down protesters “inch by inch, house by house, home by
home, alleyway by alleyway.” This inspired Noy Alooshe to remix “Hey
Baby,” a song by American rapper Pitbull, (featuring T-Pain.) He titled the
remix “Zenga-Zenga,” echoing Qaddafi’s repetition of the word “zanqa”
which is Arabic for “alleyway.” He included some dancing girls at the
bottom of the screen, adding to the “club vibe.”

He posted it late Tuesday Feb. 22nd and by the morning of the 27th it had
over 500,000 hits. As they say, it had “gone viral.” Besides his fellow
countrymen getting a chuckle, a surprisingly large amount of viewers from
the Arab world were also fans! He did of course receive some negative
comments, but overall most were positive.

The Jupiter/Pluto transit peaked at around Friday afternoon (the 25th) and
its influence continues. When planets like Jupiter and Pluto interact with
each other they usually correlate to significant events around that time

So while many feared that this transit would result in bombs, destruction
or excesses in power plays, here is one example of how it manifested in
humor during a tumultuous time. It gave everyone a breather to laugh at
something. The Arab world is still going through many changes, brought
about by Pluto in Capricorn. And, actually, a lot of governments around
the world will be undergoing fundamental changes in structure. This will
especially be the case with power plays and money. (One example of this
was when the NYSE faced the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 while
evidence came out that banks illegally invested money into stocks. The
party is over and that which is not fundamentally sound must fall and be

But again, even during this time of crisis, there will be pockets of humor to
remind us to laugh when we can (since it’s better than crying!) I hope that
even if you had some rough times this past week you found something to
laugh about.

Link to the video here

And here’s the non-dancing-girls version (many fans asked for this so
they could show the video to more conservative folks, like parents) http://

Here is my own personal Jupiter square Pluto story. I was at a party that my friend,
Rev Jen, was supposed to host and she ended up in power play with the promoter.
Long story short, instead of throwing a fit or submitting to unreasonable demands,
she escaped the situation with humor.  Let's just say an excuse of explosive diarrhea
can get you out of a lot of jams ;)

Till Next Time!