Sunday, September 23, 2012

2nd Uranus Pluto Square

This past week was a hard one at times, wasn't it?  We just had our 2nd Uranus Pluto Square this past Wednesday and Mercury also joined the disgruntled group as well that day.  These two planets will be in a series of disputes for the next 3 years.  Yes there actually is a purpose other than to make you mad, shaken and stirred, or bring calamity into your life.  Shaking things up is what is important in order for growth and creativity.  Think of how boring life would be if everything was rote, dependable, and happy all the time, we would not really know what joy is. Lets do a quick review of what it means and what is coming on the horizon.  I highly encourage you to compare events to the first Uranus Pluto square that happened on June 24th.

Uranus is the sudden planet of sudden change, rebellion, electronics, revolutions, and inventions.  Its is also a planet that imbibes a sped up version of time.  Events happen so quickly it hard to pinpoint the progression, but if slowed down with a slow motion rewind, you could see the pattern.  Uranus is a necessary archetype and force of influence in not just our lives, but everything on the planet.  If there was an empheris(book of planetary movements astrologers use) back when various life forms crawled out of the primordial ooze to evolve, you would see Uranus triggering the events to set them in motion.  That is one of the challenges of Uranus, pushing forth sudden events toward you to make you adapt and transform.  I would classify Uranus as "the" timing mechanism for events happening all of the planet, affecting all creatures on it.  It is the information and event that you are not expecting.

Now if Uranus is the timing and sudden change that throws you, than Pluto is the hard choice and decision to fight or submit; either way you will not be the same no matter what you chose.  Pluto is the destruction, explosions, violent actions, power games, death of a current structure, riches, deals, raw power, and radical transformation.  New information you get from Uranus puts you in the seat of ultimate choices, for sometimes it is a life and death struggle and Pluto is there to remind you. 
Sorry it is not a warm and fuzzy influence, but as I said before, without them, you would not know the goodness of life itself.   Pluto is the higher planet of Mars, which is all action.  Action is the causality that moves the world, at no point in your journey through life are you not making waves of changes by you actions or inactions.  That is what moves the organism on earth and what we know as life. 

Now if you were not affected by this one in a memorable way, thats okay.  Perhaps you have already worked on what you needed to work on and the square affected you in a minor way or it didn't light up something in  your chart.  If you were affected, then you are in the hot seat.  That is also alright too.  The events we don't find favorable push us to new limits and perspectives and sets up the stage for the "new" to enter our lives.  As I mentioned in a previous post about the first Uranus Pluto, improvise, adapt, and overcome is what is required of us.  It will be the current motto and plan to see you through these volatile times.

This coming Saturday, the 29th is the 2nd booked end of the T-Square from the week of the first Uranus Pluto Square.  So yes, it will be a hard a trying day and will bring up some difficulties that you do not want to deal with.  Although, my suspicion is that it won't be a complete surprise, you will have some clue.  If you have been avoiding the inevitable, than you will face it again.  Its a climax of events from the first Uranus Pluto or a continuation of events triggered during the one which was last Wednesday, the 19th.  The Sun will be opposite Uranus and square Pluto.  Your basic actions that today will be thwarted in some noticeable way.  It is unavoidable but know it something you can handle.  If it does seem overwhelming, thats okay, even it can eventually be overcome.  I would advise against traveling extensively the two days before and after it, just to be on the safe side.  Do not plan meetings or have any type of serious discussions pinned on that day. Stay home if possible and ride it out.  Also I would keep tabs on reliable friends and family around those days, in case of an emergency for  you or them.  Don't panic, its as natural as any storm, just because its there does not mean ultimate disaster, just be prepared, thats all.

Till next time!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Swimming in the Deep Well of You

Hope everyone has had a great summer this year.  We certainly had a lot of ups and downs, changes, and the unexpected.  Most of these were inspired by the Uranus Pluto square we are having and will have till 2015. Today though we will not be talking too much about that, but about Scorpio and the 2 planets and nodal points that are plunging us into the depths

First off lets talk about the nature of Scorpio, our fierce water warrior of the 12 signs.  Scorpio is rich with depth, intrigue, emotions, things said and not said, smoldering feelings, obsession, sharp focus, decisive action, and the instincts the know the shadow.  A lot of times Scorpio assumes the worse, because it is well aware of the depths of human nature, and is already poised to deal with treachery in a harsh way.  Scorpio has several creatures associated with it, some in the animal kingdom and some mythological.

First is the Scorpion which lives in harsh desert environments, hiding in the dark cool places where it can stalk and kill its prey.  It is true, these creatures rarely miss with their poisoned barbed stinger; for in the desert you can not afford to waste energy, only success matters.  Think about how serious people with Scorpio in their charts get and you will recognize why they take things so seriously.  Of course these people might not always be in a life and death struggle, but in their own minds, they are. This expression is the natural default mode of Scorpio, which is very base but necessary.

The Eagle is another expression of Scorpio.  So unlike the Scorpion, Eagle is out in the open, flying high above the ground scoping out prey.  Everyone knows and sees the Eagle and it commands respect, more so than the fear that the Scorpion propagates. Although it will kill as mercilessly as a Scorpion, with the laser like sharp precision of catching it prey, one strike, one kill.  The other main difference between them is while the Scorpion has this small territory it hides and hunts in, the Eagle's territory is vast and requires far seeing vision of whole landscapes.  One traps and the other actively seeks.  You can see the Eagle traits in people you know, those who are about to take an action, yet nobody know exactly when or with what and then all of sudden they swoop down and cease that opportunity.

The Phoenix is the other one. To be born and destroyed and to do it all again.  I am sure we all know people who undergo creation and destruction on annual basis, ie breakups, deaths in their lives, accidents, changing jobs etc and yet they are completely different and stronger person after each incident and yet still don't shy away from doing it again and again.  Of course the key is to not be drawn into creating a scenario that will inevitably be blown to bits if you don't have to.

I will mention the Snake as well, specifically because of the regenerative properties it has when molting. That quality shows up in people who constantly go through many continuous changes, but when looked at as a whole,it almost seems a logical and methodical outcome.  Snake's methods are also quite reptilian, using pits in its mouth to seek for heat sources either for warmth or use to hunt prey.  The Snake can also have base qualities as well. The need find to heat sources(since it has trouble regulating its own body temperature),is  much like someone with Scorpion traits being clingy, when they find someone they really like, they can obsess over them, like a heat source.

All of these of course are representative of the archetype of Scorpio that exists in our minds and yet also fulfills an expression of these experiences we all feel.

So now that we have a clearer picture of Scorpio we can recognize its traits in our own lives and with people we know.  Mars joined Saturn about two weeks ago.  This a journey the two of them started in late Libra, where after 2 and half years Saturn will leave Libra and head to Scorpio.  So, you learned all about what your needs in relationships and what structure will make it work for you.  If you had a Saturn Return(had Saturn return to natal position in the chart around the time your turned 30 years of age) with Saturn in Libra, you really know what thats about.  Mars moved a head and went into Scorpio last Wednesday and will be there till October 7th.  He will be scouting ahead for Saturn who will enter Scorpio the day before Mars leaves it, very much passing the baton at relay race here.  Saturn will be in Scorpio for almost 3 years.  Mars will be passing that info to Saturn on what is important in your life.  Mars will be helping you make hard choices, making you dig deep to find where the heart of any situation is and either examining it or extracting it and taking it. Yes things may get visceral, especially if you are a Scorpio or have planets or strong celestial points in Scorpio.  When Saturn comes he will be bringing the consequences of the actions you took and making you follow through with all you did.  What ever got torn up or reformed by Scorpio will have to pass Saturn's inspection process and either get revised or eliminated.  This sounds sort of intense, but it is necessary, like the animals in the animal kingdom, life feeds on death and death feeds off life.  Change is was makes us evolve and pushes to be stronger and more well adaptive to our environment.  Now one more bit of astro news, the North and South Nodes(what comes in your life and what leaves, see previously tagged entries for more info on them) will be shifting from Sagittarius Gemini, to Scorpio Taurus today!

Yes, the Nodes are also in on the action now too and will be crossing paths with both Mars and Saturn through the next couple of month.  Think of it like the universe giving you clues as to what you need to be doing, it will be throwing you lessons and gifts at key points during this time.  So  watch out for health issues, get on top of any conditions or maladies that have been dormant  or plaguing you.  They will hit you like a ton of bricks if you are not addressing them during this time period.  They show imbalances in your life, the illness is the link to these and as a blazing siren to get your attention.

Relationships will be going through major shifts as well.  Beyond the balance and civility of Libra, now comes the "keeping it real" aspect of the relationship.  You are in it deep now so why are you here, what is it you really want from this person?  You will be exploring your inner needs together, hopefully through thoughtful discussions, but there will be some spectacular arguments too. At the end of the day its all about seeing each other for who that person really is and knowing what is you both want.  Scorpio is all about what is the core strength and value of a object, person, relationship, job.  The biggest question Scorpio wants answered is, can it be trust and can I trust any of the previous mentioned subjects.  It can be quite obsessive if a definitive answer is not reached.  I am sure after this the first opening square between Mars and Saturn in early January you will closer to an answer to that question if you haven't before then.

Its also is an opportunity to understand our own inner landscape as well.  Look at what triggers certain reactions in you.  Also what is behind those needs of yours, are they really that vital to your happiness and security? 

So plunge deep and find that inner treasure.

Till next time!

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Struggle of what is to be, first Uranus Pluto Square

          That cause of strife and struggle is what makes us as the marine say"improvise, adapt, and overcome," its what helps us grow as individuals.  Both Uranus and Pluto are in cardinal signs, cardinal signs are the initiators, full of energy to start movement.  Uranus is the planet of lighting fast change, higher electronics, innovated technology, and rebellion.  Its nature in the sign of Aries is even more demonstrative and quick as those are the traits of Aries.  Pluto, planet of transformations, underworld, explosions, and the scope of power is in a sign of structure and reputation.  We have seen both the foundations of governments, corporations, finances, and laws change under Pluto in Capricorn and we are still just in the beginning stages of this process. Uranus is fighting against the establishment, Pluto, a similar sentiment happened in the 1960's, although in that case they were conjunct, together.  A lot of the turmoil that surrounded the new music, art, lifestyles, civil rights laws, and fighting for equality of women gay people was Uranus and Pluto setting up a new paradigm.  We are now reviewing that reality today.  A lot of good progressive changes came from it, but as with cultural revolution, not all change is good and there always will be opportunists.  The backlash of the 60's start a Neo Conservationist movement which was able to successfully gain control of government regulations, intact policies of censorship, and loosening up financial restrictions put in place by Roosevelt, including the weakening of the Glassman Steagall Act, bane of banks investing in Wall Street.  This is part of what are the stakes are now, the first challenge to the Uranus Pluto conjunction of the 1960's. There is much reform to do, especially in the financial habits of corporations, since they are so tied to governmental polices in just about every country.  You can include the euro crisis happening right now in Europe with Greece in the center is an example of major changes brought on by Uranus Pluto.  Greece is a Capricorn country with a Libra Moon and several other planets in late Aries.  By the end of the Uranus Pluto squares Greece and much of Europe will have undergone dramatic changes.  This will most certainly be true for the fate of the euro.

         So that was my primer for Uranus Pluto square for you, now how does this generational aspect affect you?  There is a good chance you already know, with even having to look at your natal chart.  This aspect is not a sudden change, it has been something you have seen on the horizon for a couple of months or even a year or so, it has been a long time coming.  The point is you have been giving an option to either continue to fight against it, stalling, kicking, screaming and whining or go with it, make those hard choices early or at least make a plan to enact and save yourself the anguish.  In the end, it doesn't matter, because it is a battle you cannot win in keeping the status quo.  Squares cause delays and tension in your life, this one in particular appears like an immovable object going up against an unstoppable force.  Later this week on Friday the Sun will be opposite Pluto and Square Uranus, completing a T-Square in the sky.  This will create a power crux which you will need to negotiate, it will also help clue you into what the Uranus Pluto Square has in store for you.

         If you an Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn you will be feeling this Uranus Pluto square strongly, especially if you were born earlier in the month of your sign. The square will also affect your peers who were born after you, as it passes through Aries and Pluto. We will experience this square 6 more times. The final square will happen in 2015 and a lot will change between now and then.

       Also Saturn goes direct today, so that should help you get some plans moving.  He was retrograde since early February, so if you had some plans you had trouble moving forward, now it will be a bit easier to enact as he starts to pick up speed again in the coming weeks.

Until Next time!  Enjoy this time of year and when things get tough, find Summer activities to ease your mind.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Venus Occultation + Lunar Eclipse

         Rocking times above and below the sky huh?  First off lets talk about Venus transiting the Sun, or the astronomical term, Venus Occultation.  Venus at around 6:00 pm EST on Tuesday passed over the Sun.  This event usually happens every 100 years and happens twice in that time frame, 2004 was the first pair of the this century's Venus Occultation.  So, what are some of the meaning of this fantastical phenomenon?  Well for starters  when Venus has journey across the Sun's path in front of the Earth it usually in a time period of new technology and war.  Venus represents earthly treasures, virility, commerce, the feminine, and our values.  All of which people can praise, hoard or even fight about.  Hence during the last few times during the Venus Occultation happened there were some wars going.

         For instance in 1631 to 1639 Europe was torn apart by the 30 years war where countries resources were depleted and the people suffering.  As far as technology Galileo wrote his famous treatise that the Earth was not the center of the Universe contrary to popular religious beliefs, especially the Catholic Church.  Even though during this time period the Catholic Church remain strong, new generations of scientists were coming up with revolutionary thought that shook the church's authority.  The next pair was 1761 and 1769. Britain was bringing in a lot of money at this time, but also spending a lot to keep control over all of its colonies around the world. So at its height in power, the American Revolution started at this time and was revolting over many issues, the main one being "no taxation without representation,"again money was the theme here. Also an interesting sidenote there were two notable female monarch, Catherine the Great of Russia and a female monarch in Japan. The next recent pair was 1874 and 1882 had both wars and technology.  The Reconstruction Years of the Civil War where the United States was trying to pick up the pieces was highlight, after all that was torn up over a war of values moral and money.  For owning slaves was a way of life for many white landowners in the South, these owner now had to readjust their own value system or at least how they ran their businesses. Native Americans were busy fighting to keep their remaining lands, for their land was their way of life, as in a part of their spiritual tradition and means for living.  The Theosophical Society and the Christian Science movement started. For new technology there was the light bulb, telephone and recording equipment, all which revolutionized people's home and work life.  These technologies later became the hot commodities which definitely brought about in later year consumer's interest, to keep up with the Jonses, 

         So hopefully this caught you up today with Venus! As for wars, we have had plenty, the Arab Spring, and financial war with the subprime mortgage crisis in the US from 2008 onward + Wall Street continued financial unruliness, Greece's financial collapse and Europe's floundering euro values.  So for now I would say many advances in technology as in light optics, high speed wireless connections, and even the creation of the Hardon Particle Accelerator.  A lot of these new technological devices are in place to connect us to each other and the vast internet on the go, yet most of these services and devices are not cheap.  Yet more and more for many jobs in modern day cities require you to start to have them in order to keep up with your co-workers.  Hopefully we will catch up, for I don't think humans have caught up to these devices yet, hence the cellphone texting related deaths.  Strange enough women's reproductive rights have been in issue lately.  We have and several Venus retrogrades where this has happened in between this time period including the current Venus retrograde in Gemini.  Re-visiting the rights women have fought to keep? Perhaps this can be a reminder to all of the right people of all races, genders, and classes have fought to keep.  I definitely feel we should not be taking away rights from anyone at this time period, for I feel it is not a good use of this Venus transiting the Sun.  We instead should be re-invisioning the world rights of all human beings.  Perhaps why this has become an issue could be associated with the Pluto in Capricorn period we are in, destroying of old outdated structures and financial and governmental laws.  Hopefully this Venus transit will highlight the need to do this and alert us to dealing it head on  with rather than letting Uranus square Pluto do its work and have us blindly reacting to the turmoil we helped to create.  I would say over all the Venus Occultation is a highlight to show where our  values are as a collective and how the physical manifestations have we created to keep us connected to our beliefs. ie ipads, high speed internet etc.  Communication, constant brain activity, and information absorbing seem to be the current Venus trend at the moment.

         So Quick blub about the Lunar Eclipse.  Well this one was not easy, especially with all those squares from Mars and Venus was Square(square create delays and thus up tension) Mars that day.  I felt when looking at it as a whole, relationships were the key thing that were affected.  Especially with the issues Venus retrograde brought up, it definitely brought things to a head in people's relationships.  My feeling is sometimes you have to get down to the nitty gritty to make something work, but with these strong energies in the sky, that may be enough to blow up people's bonds.  So honestly if you can wait till the New Moon on the 19th of June, I would wait.  Revisiting one's past relations with love and money is a deep seated emotional process, so try to keep from adding too much to the plate.  Anywho, you will get through this, transits and Lunar Eclipses for as much havoc as they could create, get us more in touch with what really is important to us.

Final Note, I did check out the Venus Transit in person at an event the Amateur Astronomers set up.  Even with my plastic solar glasses they handed out I did see the magic of Venus transiting the Sun.  Although she was very much a Gemini about it, lol kept hiding behind cloud coverage every few minutes, lol it kept me on my toes.  Venus in Gemini will keep all of us on our toes and hopefully aware enough to see the humor in anything that happens to us in life.

Keep watching the Skies, until next time!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love of Games? Venus in Gemini and Venus Retrograde + Solar Eclipse

Venus in Gemini! It will be in Gemini for a while so let the games begin!  Venus, the planet of values, love, money, and possessions.  It is the physical things we have on Earth that we care for; even love, for many its flows between them and a person, hopefully a person you can actually physically hug.  Venus is one of the important inner planets in people's charts, it shows how they express love and what sorts of things are important to them.  Your values make up a good part of your personality and others can see that in the people who you have around you and the clothes you wear and house you live in.  When all of these are looked at as a whole,  you can get a good glimpse of a person's value system. 

Gemini is the sign of the twins.  Doubles in many ways, things going in pairs, close siblings, double speak and messages, and even people with duel sides.  Gemini rules over pets, siblings, the daily chatter we engage in, the in between things we do, learning, the transitions, problem solving, and short travels.

So to summarize this all up, when Venus's energy goes indirect as in this case, we re-evalute what are values are.  This can be a natural inclination or it can be an event that forces us to do this in order to overcome a difficulty we have in expressing our values or changing what we believe in.  This Venus retrograde will allow you an opportunity to check in with your belief system and how what we do in the everyday world relates to our values.  For example news about the downturn in the economy can affect people, maybe they spend less or get paranoid about spending anything that costs money.  A person could decided to go Silas Marner and exclusively focus on how it affects them and stop socializing because that costs money or cut back on some spending but not cut back on giving out any love and affection to those around them.  Lack of resources and money can make people crazy and not only changes their what they value but also influence their actions.  So explore how information can influence what you think and what  you believe.  The New Moon in Gemini next Sunday is a good time to explore this.

Speaking of the Solar Eclipse in Gemini, its time to gather info!  Go out there an collect data and by the time the Full Moon in Sagittarius comes you can let your experiences in the world help guide you on what to do with the information you discovered.   Major new shift in your life today will start at 7:47pm.  Any actions you want to do to help guide it will greatly affect the outcome of this Solar Eclipse.  New doors will be opened, but as with all things Gemini things coming in twos, so be prepared to deal with or at least notice that there is two.  The second could be the second round of something, a new clause, double priced, a part two to finish something, you get the picture.  If there is new language or skill set you have been wanting to have in your arsenal, go learn it! During this time of Sun in Gemini do what my dad told me when I was a kid, "keep your eyes and your ears open."

Enjoy this month of learning and games, just don't forget to think about why what is important to you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is Here!

The Vernal Equinox is upon us!  Today is the first official day of Spring and the beginning of the new Astrological Year.  As always Spring is a very tumultuous time, with everything trying to grow and emerge from slumber, much will be shaken up.  This year will even be more radical because Uranus, the planet of change, rebellion, revolutions, innovations, genius, and sudden incidents in the sign of Aries which will set up the pattern of events that shapes this year.

Today will start a new cycle for the year and the growing season.  Flowers will start pushing through the soil leaving the husks of their bulbs behind them.  Spring flowering trees will have their buds start to open and green leaves will once again adorn the branches of trees. Animals in hibernation will come out of their dwellings with a rumbling in their bellies to start searching for fresh food.  Also animals and some insects will have a fire in their loins to start a new generation of life. I even saw my first New York garbage fly of the season a few days ago.

Now is a good time to set your intentions for the the rest of the year.  What you decide to grow will have the energy of the planets and the warmth of the earth to help foster it.

The Chart for New York shows a lot of activity in the 3rd house.  The 3rd house is the house of the mind, communications, and early learning.  Neptune(dreams, dissolver of boundaries) was conjunct the Moon(needs, emotions) so that they can help worth with that is in your mind.  Your mind is where the dreams start and with Mars in Virgo in the 9th opposite Neptune Moon, the challenge is to push them out of your mind and into the realms of higher learning and travel.  The message is to take your dreams into maturity, grow them to the fullest potential, especially along the lines of 9th house activities, travel, education, publishing, spiritual learning and journeys.  The opposition creates a grand cross with the Nodes of the Moon, destiny points.  The North and South Nodes fall on the angular parts of the chart, very dynamic, so that will push these needs outward; you need to manifest these intentions if you want to grow and evolve. A strong Saturn in the house of organizations is trine the Neptune Moon conjunction so you can expect that people will help you to develop your desires and give structure they need to exist outside of the realm of ideas.

Jupiter(expansion gifts) is the ruling planet of the chart which deposits to Venus(values possessions) in the 5th house(creations, fun, romance) and Venus rules the 10th house (career, public life).  With the emphasis on the 5th house, the greatest progress will only come if it is your passion and is a creation that will have a life of its own, like a child.  So please get rid of the "I should be doing this or I should have been doing that so. . . ) the "shoulds" will not work here, its passion and passion is the driving force for this new growing season.  Follow your passion and develop it to fruition and treat the nurturing and fostering of it as a game!  Do you remember playing those as a kid? Especially playing a game against others, while knowing that you had an advantage because you knew how best to win the game better than anyone else?  Thats what you need to use, a child's enthusiasm to developing your dream, working on it for the pure joy and fun that it brings.

Yesterday I encountered a slightly off middle aged man missing some teeth who was carrying a crazy looking baseball cap with eyes and teeth.  He was looking for someone to swipe him through the turnstile of the subway platform; someone did and he made it on through.  This gentleman had a conversation about how he needed to get work and was glad someone swiped him through.  He then told me he found this strange brand new cap and that it was an expensive hat that someone threw out with the rest of the bags by accident.  He said he was going to Union Square and knew a girl working at the Farmer's Market who would definitely buy it from him. He had a determined, joyful and slightly crazed look in his eyes as he joyful made obscene jokes at the oncoming train.  When it came he booked on down to the middle cars and disappeared into the train.  This man was very Uranus in Aries.  The finding of a valuable object randomly; needing to catch the train and a random person swiped him through; and his determination to sell it off at a profit his motivation.  This man is the epitome of Uranus in Aries, a little odd and quirky like Uranus can be, in a hurry and motivated, and he trusted that since the universe got him this far, it will take him the rest of the way, as long as he kept going.  I wished him luck and luck to myself and everyone in realizing and achieving their dreams this year.

Best to you all!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

14 years of Pisces! + The Real Dos Equis man died today

Greetings! Its been awhile and I am back again. Right now we have Saturn(planet of karma and structure) and Mars(pure action) in retrograde or in simple terms, expressing their energies internally as opposed to externally when they are normally direct. There is a push to move forward since we have the 3 outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all in new signs, making us chomp at the bit to get started.  Mars and Saturn in sense, are making us hold our horses.  The outer planets are heralding a new theme for our lives, so therefore if everything is new we should go forward full force. Yet, the important point of doing something new is to not repeat yourself or at least old patterns.  That is the purpose of the Saturn and Mars retrograding.  It would be a waste to not use the energies of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to the fullest.  They are helping us clear out the hold so we can harness the transformative properties of these outer planets.  The clearing out process is not fun, but it is necessary.  When Mars goes retrograde, currently in one of its least favorite sign Virgo, its expression in our lives shows up quite noticeably.  We find ourselves slowed down literally, and with Virgo, caught up in the many processes.  Mars's natural reaction to anything is to meet it with an immediate reaction, rather than sift through the many options and choices.  In fact you, could also say Mars's current expression equates a to bureaucracy for the individual, limiting quick decisive action.  The   action you are taking to get a new project done is being stymied or you are not getting quick responses for all your efforts, especially if action is dependent on other people.  Delays, delays, much like those at the airport and all you care about is, "when the hell is that flight list gonna update" so you can get on your plane!

Saturn retrogrades function much in the same way in slowing you down as Mars retrogrades.  With Saturn retrograding in Libra you are revisiting how your relationships with others work, specifically is the relationship functioning in a healthy way.  You mostly likely are either revisiting past conflicts from November of 2011 or perhaps facing your personal history that lead up to the situations involving conflicts in your relationships.  Saturn' job as taskmaster is holding you accountable to your own rules and asking you, do these rules work for what you are trying to do now? If the answer is "no" then you are definitely in the process of undergoing a reorganization of this personal creed you have held for so long as to what works it the nuts and bolts of a functioning relationship.  Of course by relationship I mean the full spectrum of them, all in the 7th house, whether that relationship is a romantic partnership, business partner, a boss, parent child relationship, or someone you have to meet and talk with every day.  Of course I am not glossing over the other people in your 7th house, open enemies, or for some people rivals and competitors.  Yes,  you have a relationship with them too, they do push you to overcome your limits and force you to do you best, especially if you are both viaing for the same claim.  My point is that going over these past issues  helps you eliminate personal beliefs that are holding your back from moving forward. Saturn is the scythe that cuts out the dead and decayed, so that which is still living can be functional and keep progressing.

Now this past weekend we had the Sun, our ever present directional compass in our lives, move into the sign of Pisces.  Pisces is all about doing all the myriad of activities together with you loved ones, your friends or everyone.  The archetype of Pisces is the limitless connections we have with the human collective, the unconscious, and universal oneness we all feel.  Pisces natural home is the hidden and limitless waters of Neptune.  Sunday the Sun was holding hands with Neptune all in the sign of Pisces.  That means your directional compass is set to focus on your dreams,  specifically "The Dream" you will be working on for the next 14 years.  I say roughly 14 years because that is how long Neptune will be in the sign of Pisces.  Now depending on which house Neptune is for you, that will determine the journey you are going on and in what area of your life it is unfolding.  For me, it is in my 3rd house, house of communications, siblings, learning.  I have seen a renewal in writing and communicating my messages of astrology to the greater population.  It is letting me pursue my aspirations in being an astrologer I want to be and slowly revealing the plan I am to follow. By the middle of June both we direct and you'll be really on your way to some sustainable progress.

Now who's up for some adventure!  Remember those Dos Equis ads about "the most interesting man in the world," where you see this wizened, old grey-haired silver fox telling you his exploits in being an adventurer and being more cool than you could ever hope to be? Well I think the creative teams for Dos Equis ad probably based a lot of it off of a man named John Fairfax, avid rower and self described professional adventurer.  John Fairfax died today at the ripe old age of 74.   His reputation is well deserved in the professional part, because he literally did make it his sole means of making money and his way of being in this world.  He actually took a rowboat across the Atlantic Channel in 1969!!!  John even took a stint at being a pirate for a period of time, smuggling guns and other contraband in the Amazon.  Now that is an interesting person!  

I don't have an official birth time for him, but I do have some placement for his planets that I will go into for a bit.  John is probably a very late Taurus, again without an exact birth time there is a possibility he could be an early Gemini.  Although in reading about his personality, late Taurus seems to fit.  A planet at 29 degrees in at the aneretic point, highly unstable.  According to the Nicolas deVore's "Encyclopedia of Astrology 29 degrees Taurus is a "degree of fate, favored by fortune, a dramatic area, a famous actor's degree." This quote sums him up quite succinctly "I'm after a battle with nature, primitive and raw." That is wholly a Sun opposite Mars personality, especially since his Mars is in the kill or be killed sign of Scorpio, where personal mettle is highly rated.  This goes to show that perhaps his motivation was to put himself in obscenely difficult circumstances and persevere so he could prove his existence to the world, as well as himself.  One aspect of his chart I find most fascinating is that he did not have any of his planets in Sagittarius.  One of the aspects of the Sagittarius archetype is travel and adventure.   He did have his north node in Sagittarius which does make perfect sense, his destiny was to be an adventurer.  His Mercury does form a tight trine to Neptune, so if he did have to fib about something it was easy and it was effortless and since in an earth trine it is done for practical purposes. He was also an extremely avid gambler at casinos, which again would fit the archetype of Taurus, seeking earthly riches, at at the aneretic degree by desperate means. With his Libra Moon(needs) in opposition to his Venus(values) in Aries his life was probably very feast or famine orientated, which just fueled his desire to pit himself against obstacles to prove himself.  With his Saturn(survival) trine his Mars(action) and Sun in Taurus sextile it we can see he has a high survivability.  That was put to the test when during his journey to become the first person to travel the Pacific Ocean between San Fransisco and the Canary Islands he survived a dangerous shark attack that took out a chunk of his arm.  I hope he is now enjoying a brand new adventure and I invite all of you to read up on him, very intriguing person, I know I will be!

Until next time!