Monday, February 20, 2012

14 years of Pisces! + The Real Dos Equis man died today

Greetings! Its been awhile and I am back again. Right now we have Saturn(planet of karma and structure) and Mars(pure action) in retrograde or in simple terms, expressing their energies internally as opposed to externally when they are normally direct. There is a push to move forward since we have the 3 outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all in new signs, making us chomp at the bit to get started.  Mars and Saturn in sense, are making us hold our horses.  The outer planets are heralding a new theme for our lives, so therefore if everything is new we should go forward full force. Yet, the important point of doing something new is to not repeat yourself or at least old patterns.  That is the purpose of the Saturn and Mars retrograding.  It would be a waste to not use the energies of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to the fullest.  They are helping us clear out the hold so we can harness the transformative properties of these outer planets.  The clearing out process is not fun, but it is necessary.  When Mars goes retrograde, currently in one of its least favorite sign Virgo, its expression in our lives shows up quite noticeably.  We find ourselves slowed down literally, and with Virgo, caught up in the many processes.  Mars's natural reaction to anything is to meet it with an immediate reaction, rather than sift through the many options and choices.  In fact you, could also say Mars's current expression equates a to bureaucracy for the individual, limiting quick decisive action.  The   action you are taking to get a new project done is being stymied or you are not getting quick responses for all your efforts, especially if action is dependent on other people.  Delays, delays, much like those at the airport and all you care about is, "when the hell is that flight list gonna update" so you can get on your plane!

Saturn retrogrades function much in the same way in slowing you down as Mars retrogrades.  With Saturn retrograding in Libra you are revisiting how your relationships with others work, specifically is the relationship functioning in a healthy way.  You mostly likely are either revisiting past conflicts from November of 2011 or perhaps facing your personal history that lead up to the situations involving conflicts in your relationships.  Saturn' job as taskmaster is holding you accountable to your own rules and asking you, do these rules work for what you are trying to do now? If the answer is "no" then you are definitely in the process of undergoing a reorganization of this personal creed you have held for so long as to what works it the nuts and bolts of a functioning relationship.  Of course by relationship I mean the full spectrum of them, all in the 7th house, whether that relationship is a romantic partnership, business partner, a boss, parent child relationship, or someone you have to meet and talk with every day.  Of course I am not glossing over the other people in your 7th house, open enemies, or for some people rivals and competitors.  Yes,  you have a relationship with them too, they do push you to overcome your limits and force you to do you best, especially if you are both viaing for the same claim.  My point is that going over these past issues  helps you eliminate personal beliefs that are holding your back from moving forward. Saturn is the scythe that cuts out the dead and decayed, so that which is still living can be functional and keep progressing.

Now this past weekend we had the Sun, our ever present directional compass in our lives, move into the sign of Pisces.  Pisces is all about doing all the myriad of activities together with you loved ones, your friends or everyone.  The archetype of Pisces is the limitless connections we have with the human collective, the unconscious, and universal oneness we all feel.  Pisces natural home is the hidden and limitless waters of Neptune.  Sunday the Sun was holding hands with Neptune all in the sign of Pisces.  That means your directional compass is set to focus on your dreams,  specifically "The Dream" you will be working on for the next 14 years.  I say roughly 14 years because that is how long Neptune will be in the sign of Pisces.  Now depending on which house Neptune is for you, that will determine the journey you are going on and in what area of your life it is unfolding.  For me, it is in my 3rd house, house of communications, siblings, learning.  I have seen a renewal in writing and communicating my messages of astrology to the greater population.  It is letting me pursue my aspirations in being an astrologer I want to be and slowly revealing the plan I am to follow. By the middle of June both we direct and you'll be really on your way to some sustainable progress.

Now who's up for some adventure!  Remember those Dos Equis ads about "the most interesting man in the world," where you see this wizened, old grey-haired silver fox telling you his exploits in being an adventurer and being more cool than you could ever hope to be? Well I think the creative teams for Dos Equis ad probably based a lot of it off of a man named John Fairfax, avid rower and self described professional adventurer.  John Fairfax died today at the ripe old age of 74.   His reputation is well deserved in the professional part, because he literally did make it his sole means of making money and his way of being in this world.  He actually took a rowboat across the Atlantic Channel in 1969!!!  John even took a stint at being a pirate for a period of time, smuggling guns and other contraband in the Amazon.  Now that is an interesting person!  

I don't have an official birth time for him, but I do have some placement for his planets that I will go into for a bit.  John is probably a very late Taurus, again without an exact birth time there is a possibility he could be an early Gemini.  Although in reading about his personality, late Taurus seems to fit.  A planet at 29 degrees in at the aneretic point, highly unstable.  According to the Nicolas deVore's "Encyclopedia of Astrology 29 degrees Taurus is a "degree of fate, favored by fortune, a dramatic area, a famous actor's degree." This quote sums him up quite succinctly "I'm after a battle with nature, primitive and raw." That is wholly a Sun opposite Mars personality, especially since his Mars is in the kill or be killed sign of Scorpio, where personal mettle is highly rated.  This goes to show that perhaps his motivation was to put himself in obscenely difficult circumstances and persevere so he could prove his existence to the world, as well as himself.  One aspect of his chart I find most fascinating is that he did not have any of his planets in Sagittarius.  One of the aspects of the Sagittarius archetype is travel and adventure.   He did have his north node in Sagittarius which does make perfect sense, his destiny was to be an adventurer.  His Mercury does form a tight trine to Neptune, so if he did have to fib about something it was easy and it was effortless and since in an earth trine it is done for practical purposes. He was also an extremely avid gambler at casinos, which again would fit the archetype of Taurus, seeking earthly riches, at at the aneretic degree by desperate means. With his Libra Moon(needs) in opposition to his Venus(values) in Aries his life was probably very feast or famine orientated, which just fueled his desire to pit himself against obstacles to prove himself.  With his Saturn(survival) trine his Mars(action) and Sun in Taurus sextile it we can see he has a high survivability.  That was put to the test when during his journey to become the first person to travel the Pacific Ocean between San Fransisco and the Canary Islands he survived a dangerous shark attack that took out a chunk of his arm.  I hope he is now enjoying a brand new adventure and I invite all of you to read up on him, very intriguing person, I know I will be!

Until next time!