Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seasons of Scorpio + New Moon in Scorpio!

Well we are in for a Scorpio centered few weeks here.  Right now we have Mercury(communications) and Venus(values, possessions) in the sign of Scorpio.  This past Sunday we had the Sun move into the sign of Scorpio.  So, what is it about Scorpio?  Scorpio is feminine sign, which means it is receptive and  influenced by others behavior.  It is in the element of water, which is highly effective and reactive to its surroundings; for instance and be a calm deep well with many things hidden beneath the surface or a raging storm that can wash away homes and flood the land.  Scorpio is also a fixed sign, in that it does not like change and acts accordingly if something challenges it to do so.  The Scorpion is also a nocturnal creature who navigates using senors it has in its head that detect heat sources, this is also how it hunts as well.  It usually stalks it prey by waiting patiently to strike with it barbed poisoned stinger to weaken and slow down its prey, and also start the the tenderizing.  Its ancient ruler is actually Mars, before Pluto came into the picture. Mars is action, violence, as non-thinking as you can get, think thrusting sword into someone's midsection,  that is Mars. 

As with all energies we can utilize the higher or lower vibrations.  The lower energies in Scorpio's case is symbolized as the snake, just living instinctively, trying to survive with a steady mantra of kill, eat, mate, reproduce, die(very intense, not so romantic ;)).  We have the eagle, which uses its instincts to soar to extraordinary heights and spot its prey at a distance and with flawless timing swoop down to snatch and kill its prey.  Its the far seeking symbolizes that separates it from the snake aspect of Scorpio.

Now that the Sun is there, it will be a wild week, all centering around Mars.  Mars(action) is currently in Leo and will be sextile Saturn(survival, restriction) and later in the week Pluto(transformations, power struggle), which will help out those actions Mars is called to, well act on.  Why is Mars the center of attention this week?  It basically is interacting with most of the planets in the sky, is in conflict with Venus, then Mercury and then Neptune(dissolving of boundaries) next week.  There is potential for big blowouts over this week and part of next week.  It all centers around the New Moon in Scorpio today at 3:56 pm, with Mars as one of its rulers.  Which is asking, all the success from the previous Moon what is of value to you and with Mars, what will you do? Since Venus has separated from Saturn that it was in conjunction(next to) back in late September, it has retrieved some of  the items that caught its attention back to Saturn.  Saturn's job is to weed out what is good and not so good.  With the New Moon this is the time to figure out a plan to do something with what you have gained, insight, money, relationship or business, what is worth the most and what will you do with it.  This New Moon will be active until it not just the Full Moon In Taurus and New Moon in Sagittarius(also a Solar Eclipse), but for the next 2 and half years.

Wall street.  It's gonna get rough out there.  Especially since the influential and rich neighbors surrounding Zuccotti Park want them out, they will use any means possible. I heard that the Real Estate Board of New is trying to pass a law to close the parks at night, changing the agreement struck long ago which was a deal the board made with the city over allowing buildings over a certain height,  and keeping public parks open 24 hours a day.

Also I have a feeling the Homeland Security card maybe be pulled, to make a strategic swipe at the Occupy Wall Street protestors.  Its a trump card, because no Miranda Rights need be mentioned nor active nor even the rights award by the US Constitution to American citizens.  Also the Taurus moon of OWS chart is opposite Venus Mercury conjunction square Mars in Leo. A big t-square in a fixed sign, which is an aspect with lots of tension and a strong desire to resolve through radical change, yet being fixed reluctant to compromise. Its in houses 1st, 7th, and 10th, in cardinal houses in the OWS chart. I think there will be another big police move to try to get ride of the encampment.  There was also the demolishing of the camps at Occupy Oakland a few days ago.

Here is a story related to the Sun moving into Scorpio on Sunday.  I was at a good friend's Halloween party over the weekend.  A lot of us planned to stay overnight and had our possessions upstairs.  Well, one of the guests no one knew really well stole money from about 4 of my friends and my friend hosting the party. We discovered this the next day when the Sun moved into Scorpio.  It was very Plutonian, obtaining money in an underhanded way.

Till next time!