Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is Here!

The Vernal Equinox is upon us!  Today is the first official day of Spring and the beginning of the new Astrological Year.  As always Spring is a very tumultuous time, with everything trying to grow and emerge from slumber, much will be shaken up.  This year will even be more radical because Uranus, the planet of change, rebellion, revolutions, innovations, genius, and sudden incidents in the sign of Aries which will set up the pattern of events that shapes this year.

Today will start a new cycle for the year and the growing season.  Flowers will start pushing through the soil leaving the husks of their bulbs behind them.  Spring flowering trees will have their buds start to open and green leaves will once again adorn the branches of trees. Animals in hibernation will come out of their dwellings with a rumbling in their bellies to start searching for fresh food.  Also animals and some insects will have a fire in their loins to start a new generation of life. I even saw my first New York garbage fly of the season a few days ago.

Now is a good time to set your intentions for the the rest of the year.  What you decide to grow will have the energy of the planets and the warmth of the earth to help foster it.

The Chart for New York shows a lot of activity in the 3rd house.  The 3rd house is the house of the mind, communications, and early learning.  Neptune(dreams, dissolver of boundaries) was conjunct the Moon(needs, emotions) so that they can help worth with that is in your mind.  Your mind is where the dreams start and with Mars in Virgo in the 9th opposite Neptune Moon, the challenge is to push them out of your mind and into the realms of higher learning and travel.  The message is to take your dreams into maturity, grow them to the fullest potential, especially along the lines of 9th house activities, travel, education, publishing, spiritual learning and journeys.  The opposition creates a grand cross with the Nodes of the Moon, destiny points.  The North and South Nodes fall on the angular parts of the chart, very dynamic, so that will push these needs outward; you need to manifest these intentions if you want to grow and evolve. A strong Saturn in the house of organizations is trine the Neptune Moon conjunction so you can expect that people will help you to develop your desires and give structure they need to exist outside of the realm of ideas.

Jupiter(expansion gifts) is the ruling planet of the chart which deposits to Venus(values possessions) in the 5th house(creations, fun, romance) and Venus rules the 10th house (career, public life).  With the emphasis on the 5th house, the greatest progress will only come if it is your passion and is a creation that will have a life of its own, like a child.  So please get rid of the "I should be doing this or I should have been doing that so. . . ) the "shoulds" will not work here, its passion and passion is the driving force for this new growing season.  Follow your passion and develop it to fruition and treat the nurturing and fostering of it as a game!  Do you remember playing those as a kid? Especially playing a game against others, while knowing that you had an advantage because you knew how best to win the game better than anyone else?  Thats what you need to use, a child's enthusiasm to developing your dream, working on it for the pure joy and fun that it brings.

Yesterday I encountered a slightly off middle aged man missing some teeth who was carrying a crazy looking baseball cap with eyes and teeth.  He was looking for someone to swipe him through the turnstile of the subway platform; someone did and he made it on through.  This gentleman had a conversation about how he needed to get work and was glad someone swiped him through.  He then told me he found this strange brand new cap and that it was an expensive hat that someone threw out with the rest of the bags by accident.  He said he was going to Union Square and knew a girl working at the Farmer's Market who would definitely buy it from him. He had a determined, joyful and slightly crazed look in his eyes as he joyful made obscene jokes at the oncoming train.  When it came he booked on down to the middle cars and disappeared into the train.  This man was very Uranus in Aries.  The finding of a valuable object randomly; needing to catch the train and a random person swiped him through; and his determination to sell it off at a profit his motivation.  This man is the epitome of Uranus in Aries, a little odd and quirky like Uranus can be, in a hurry and motivated, and he trusted that since the universe got him this far, it will take him the rest of the way, as long as he kept going.  I wished him luck and luck to myself and everyone in realizing and achieving their dreams this year.

Best to you all!!!