Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mercury is Direct!!!

Yes Mercury is direct and Time will soon be a more steady, faster and more regular to all of us folks on Earth!

So take a few moments and think of what you learned on Mercury Retrograde and not , yeah it sucked.  Everything that went wrong went wrong just for you! Why? Retrogrades are learning times and most likely you realized something when a frustrating moment happened.  Mercury zooms around pretty fast compared to the other planets that move around our solar system.  So the lessons you learned or problem you were trying to solve will hopefully become apparent to you now.  Mercury's quick rotation and proximity to Earth increases the processing time of what you have learned with this planet.  A planet like Pluto which is on the outter realm of our solar system will have powerful and strong lessons, but for human processing time it takes a lot longer to fully understand what has happened and how you choose to accept it.

Now that Mercury is direct we can actually do something with all that pent up energy we had from all this fire in the sky during the Mercury Retrograde.  Hopefully you had constructive conversations with people and didn't burn too many bridges over miss-communication.  Now instead of us charging blindly like a bull, we can be more direct.  I speak of bulls because we are in the sign of Taurus now and a bull charges semi-blindly due to its poor eye sight.  Bulls charge after things that irritate them or get their attention like red flags or potential mates; regardless that won't really work for us.  Now the bull has on a pair of eye glasses!  Mercury is direct, so we can now see where we are going and start to build some steps toward our goals we started at the beginning of Spring.  

Personal story for me involves Mercury as a messenger and the planets Venus(love, possessions, pleasure) and Uranus(freedom, revolutions, sudden meetings).  Late Friday evening Venus joined Uranus for a bit, creating very sudden, surprising, and hopefully fun incidents.  I have a similar configuration in my chart where these two planets are talking to each other, but you never know what you will get with Uranus.  Uranus is also the higher octave of Mercury, so lots of timing going on.  Friday when applying for a job(Venus) I found on the internet(Uranus) I got a sudden phone call from the company that was handling the applications.  During the phone called he asked if I was interested in taking any classes.  So long story short, I was hit up to take some classes, business classes online, we'll see.  Late Saturday evening my wallet(Venus) was stolen suddenly(Uranus) and I did not realize this till the next morning when I woke up.  The Mercury part is also there in two parts, He is the Patron God of Thieves and He is also a Messenger.  The message I got was I had too much attachment to my wallet and what money means to me, so I have to change my views on what I think money should be used for.

Also later that evening I delivered a tarot deck to a friend of a friend and gave a few readings.  It turned out to be a lovely evening where I was surround by 3 friendly and hospitable women who were fire signs(2 were Aries!). I did not check before hand to see if Venus had moved into Aries, lol I didn't have to!

So this is not all about me, on the train ride home Sunday evening I saw these two European guys flirting with a group of Black and Dominican ladies and a very Venus Uranus moment happened, one wanted to pose with one of the ladies in a picture.  So he did this flashy ridiculous pose while she stood next to him and took a picture.  Venus always like too look pretty and have others know and Uranus brought this sudden event and the higher technology to capture it.

I imagine that more people will be calling and reaching out to you.  Mercury will not be completely up to speed till after the first full week in May, so watch out for a few more "lessons."

Btw go enjoy the Spring Flowers and Trees that are in bloom.  They won't be here long, but enjoy them while you can!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Full Moon Sunday

The chart I cast for on the Full Moon has a very interesting dynamic between home and work, as well as obligations to others outside the home structure.  The Full Moon itself falls into a place that deals with institutions, community groups, friends, the greater populace outside the inner circle of the home and family.  This Full Moon at 27 Libra is what I would consider to be a releasing moon since it is close to moving into the next sign.  I believe it will be releasing obligations to others who fit the the old dream of relationships you had.  Perhaps there were plans or goals that you and the person or group once thought you could accomplish or strive to complete.  This Full Moon is asking that you either complete them and release them into the world to exist on their own or that you let go of a project or idea that no longer servers where you are now.  Examples of such ideas could be that group you started with another person to meet socially or maybe a website of a common interest that did not receive a good following.

The Planet Saturn is opposing Mars right now, in a nutshell for the purposes of this chart, I see it as a bond or relationship that is working against  your feelings to do things on your own.  Perhaps this association is too constricting and preventing your from growing or maybe new terms or boundaries need to be set up, so you feel it does not strangle your autonomy.  It was probably making you feel self protective to the point you wanted to vigorously defend your self and stop what impeded your own domain or family life. Mars was joining Saturn in July 31 2010, which would fall in the part of the chart corresponds to relationship you had with an authority figure, parent, or one in which strong resolute bonds were established.  At the same this joining was opposite another joining of the Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus.  This speak of a quick decision to form this partnership out of a sudden sense of opportunity and hope for expansion.  Again this is all corresponds to whether you can release it.  This is a 2 year cycle and we are half way through it so, by now you might really be at the peak of this union and you will know hopefully by now if it was worth it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fiery Sky!

Pluto went retrograde this past Saturday; he has retreated to the Underworld. But, even though he has departed, he left something behind for you to chew on (or, in some cases, chew on you!)

 Pluto is the name of the God of the Underworld whose name was given to the planet, which was discovered in 1930. Pluto is the planet of Transformation, Underworld activities (both figuratively and literally), Rebirth, Deep Pathworkings and Power.

 Perhaps with what is going on lately with Neptune moving into Pisces and Pluto going retro, it is a review of the darker side of our dreams.   As with the darker side of nuclear power, we see how its byproducts are now poisoning the ocean near Japan.  This goes along with the blog entry I posted titled the Transformation Process.  I hope the further tragedies to the environment will help galvanize the Japanese and the populations around the world who use nuclear power to move away from it.

On Monday Mars squared Pluto. In a nutshell, your actions are delayed or halted by a higher power. This also sets off some fireworks with people everywhere it seems. Arguments have increased and tempers are short.  Depending where it falls in  your chart, this aspect is setting off a transit that was in place months ago.  For Mars was joined with Pluto in December, close to the time of the Lunar Eclipse that set into motion the earthquakes that happened near Japan. When Mars was joined with Pluto on Dec 13th, Mercury was joined with Pluto and Mars.  So that conversation was started back then.  As with most conjunctions sometimes it hard to separate which energy was coming from which planet, but there is an event that sparks off a story that will unfold. The tension that Pluto and Mars are currently in will bring that realization to the surface.  People will realize this when arguments and other tensions erupt, it triggers this argument and perhaps it even has links to some violence in the past.  Now although the square will only last a few days, the incident it brought up will be visiting you again when the opposition hits later in the year.   Plus with all the planets in fire right now, its a hot time!

In the news, officials who are using a computer called SPEEDI, which calculates the risk assessment of contaminants going into the environment, are saying that the level of radiation leakage is equivalent to Chernobyl.  The evidence conflicts with the government stating it was not that dangerous.  Here you see the Government, Pluto, vs Mars, nuclear plant workers.  Or it can be looked at as Pluto, the power plant, vs the Mars the actions of the leakage of radioactive materials.

 In Bahrain, doctors and other hospital workers are being detained because the government fears they are siding with people trying to destabilize the government.  Pluto (Power), the government vs Mars (Action) soldiers or in this case doctors. (Here I equate Mars with  doctors, since they wield sharp instruments to perform surgeries.)

 Try and stay cool if you can. The Full Moon coming up will be another big release for people.  I'll discuss more about that as the time draws near.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Neptune Changing Signs!

Yes the "next dream" is on its way.  Big Big Big transit coming.  Neptune goes around the solar system every 164 years and spends around 15 years or so in a sign and will be in Pisces till 2026! What does all of this mean?

First off lets discuss what Neptune is about.  Neptune, Roman name of Poseidon, and his two brothers  Hades and  Zeus decided to split up the 3 kingdoms of Earth after defeating Cronus(Roman name Saturn).  Zeus as leader of the revolt claimed the top spoil the Heavens, while, Hades received rule over the Underworld while Poseidon received rule over the Oceans.  Poseidon, God of Seas, Rivers, Floods, Earthquakes and Horses who's other names are "Storm Bringer" and "Earth Shaker." All of these descriptions of him seem to fit especially if you look at whats been happening in the world right now.  Now astrologically the planet Neptune rules over Water, Dreams, Illusions, Infectious Diseases, Martyrs, Religious Leaders, Drugs and Alcohol, Music, Visual arts Photography, Film, and Dissolving of Boundaries.  All of these phenomenons will be increasing as we move forward into Neptune in Pisces which is its natural sign to be in.  Neptune's main attribute is dissolver of boundaries and that can be good or it can be bad, more importantly its a difficult energy to control.  Neptune is the higher octave(frequency, level, vibration) of Venus; where Venus is physical love and tangible values, Neptune is spiritual love and universal feelings.  Like the very nature of water, Neptune cannot be contained easily and will always have a own will of its own to escape its containers. What is important is how you can use Neptune's energy.  You can use it in its lower forms, substances and activities to that which you can use to escape reality or instead use Neptune's energy  in activities that inspire and share connections of positive feelings of oneness and love. 

Yesterday's New Moon was a good inspirational time to work on those dreams and clear out any remnants of crap you don't need.  There will be a lot of fire in the sky too, many planets will be in Aries.  The will be a tendency to leap out full steam, but again as I mentioned in a previous post about Mercury Retrograde, put that energy toward an inner dialogue of fleshing out plans for the new dream. This dream of yours is a new one or revitalization of an older one you are working on.  I believe if you can gear your dream to the aspects of what I mentioned you can benefit from your goal in many ways.  For the last time Neptune was in Pisces was the California Gold Rush and there is a new rush of something coming our way.  There are many ways to use such enthusiasm, look toward where your natal Neptune is in your chart that is where you will benefit and where transiting Neptune currently is will tell the story of how it will happen. 

When Neptune moves into Pisces this Monday at 7:49 pm EST it will be a brief preview of things to come of for the next 15 years.  Neptune will only spend till early June in Pisces before it goes retrograde back into Aquarius.  So, like me, watch what goes on in the news, the world, and in your sector of the your daily world.  There will be messages given as to what is to come. I believe this will be a good adjustment process for us, because it is a big event when an outer planet changes signs.  Early November will hallmark the time when Neptune will be in Pisces to stay for the duration of its time in this sign.

I will of course be discussing a lot more about Neptune as well as the other outer planets as they ease into their new signs.  So don't worry, we are all in this together and knowledge is support!