Sunday, April 17, 2011

Full Moon Sunday

The chart I cast for on the Full Moon has a very interesting dynamic between home and work, as well as obligations to others outside the home structure.  The Full Moon itself falls into a place that deals with institutions, community groups, friends, the greater populace outside the inner circle of the home and family.  This Full Moon at 27 Libra is what I would consider to be a releasing moon since it is close to moving into the next sign.  I believe it will be releasing obligations to others who fit the the old dream of relationships you had.  Perhaps there were plans or goals that you and the person or group once thought you could accomplish or strive to complete.  This Full Moon is asking that you either complete them and release them into the world to exist on their own or that you let go of a project or idea that no longer servers where you are now.  Examples of such ideas could be that group you started with another person to meet socially or maybe a website of a common interest that did not receive a good following.

The Planet Saturn is opposing Mars right now, in a nutshell for the purposes of this chart, I see it as a bond or relationship that is working against  your feelings to do things on your own.  Perhaps this association is too constricting and preventing your from growing or maybe new terms or boundaries need to be set up, so you feel it does not strangle your autonomy.  It was probably making you feel self protective to the point you wanted to vigorously defend your self and stop what impeded your own domain or family life. Mars was joining Saturn in July 31 2010, which would fall in the part of the chart corresponds to relationship you had with an authority figure, parent, or one in which strong resolute bonds were established.  At the same this joining was opposite another joining of the Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus.  This speak of a quick decision to form this partnership out of a sudden sense of opportunity and hope for expansion.  Again this is all corresponds to whether you can release it.  This is a 2 year cycle and we are half way through it so, by now you might really be at the peak of this union and you will know hopefully by now if it was worth it.

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