Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fiery Sky!

Pluto went retrograde this past Saturday; he has retreated to the Underworld. But, even though he has departed, he left something behind for you to chew on (or, in some cases, chew on you!)

 Pluto is the name of the God of the Underworld whose name was given to the planet, which was discovered in 1930. Pluto is the planet of Transformation, Underworld activities (both figuratively and literally), Rebirth, Deep Pathworkings and Power.

 Perhaps with what is going on lately with Neptune moving into Pisces and Pluto going retro, it is a review of the darker side of our dreams.   As with the darker side of nuclear power, we see how its byproducts are now poisoning the ocean near Japan.  This goes along with the blog entry I posted titled the Transformation Process.  I hope the further tragedies to the environment will help galvanize the Japanese and the populations around the world who use nuclear power to move away from it.

On Monday Mars squared Pluto. In a nutshell, your actions are delayed or halted by a higher power. This also sets off some fireworks with people everywhere it seems. Arguments have increased and tempers are short.  Depending where it falls in  your chart, this aspect is setting off a transit that was in place months ago.  For Mars was joined with Pluto in December, close to the time of the Lunar Eclipse that set into motion the earthquakes that happened near Japan. When Mars was joined with Pluto on Dec 13th, Mercury was joined with Pluto and Mars.  So that conversation was started back then.  As with most conjunctions sometimes it hard to separate which energy was coming from which planet, but there is an event that sparks off a story that will unfold. The tension that Pluto and Mars are currently in will bring that realization to the surface.  People will realize this when arguments and other tensions erupt, it triggers this argument and perhaps it even has links to some violence in the past.  Now although the square will only last a few days, the incident it brought up will be visiting you again when the opposition hits later in the year.   Plus with all the planets in fire right now, its a hot time!

In the news, officials who are using a computer called SPEEDI, which calculates the risk assessment of contaminants going into the environment, are saying that the level of radiation leakage is equivalent to Chernobyl.  The evidence conflicts with the government stating it was not that dangerous.  Here you see the Government, Pluto, vs Mars, nuclear plant workers.  Or it can be looked at as Pluto, the power plant, vs the Mars the actions of the leakage of radioactive materials.

 In Bahrain, doctors and other hospital workers are being detained because the government fears they are siding with people trying to destabilize the government.  Pluto (Power), the government vs Mars (Action) soldiers or in this case doctors. (Here I equate Mars with  doctors, since they wield sharp instruments to perform surgeries.)

 Try and stay cool if you can. The Full Moon coming up will be another big release for people.  I'll discuss more about that as the time draws near.


  1. Terrible, scary nightmares this week. Hope this fucked up phase moves on, soon.

  2. Yeah that is not good, even had a disturbing onw myself yesterday. Hopefully with the Full Moon some of this dark matter in our unconscious will be released.