Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mercury is Direct!!!

Yes Mercury is direct and Time will soon be a more steady, faster and more regular to all of us folks on Earth!

So take a few moments and think of what you learned on Mercury Retrograde and not , yeah it sucked.  Everything that went wrong went wrong just for you! Why? Retrogrades are learning times and most likely you realized something when a frustrating moment happened.  Mercury zooms around pretty fast compared to the other planets that move around our solar system.  So the lessons you learned or problem you were trying to solve will hopefully become apparent to you now.  Mercury's quick rotation and proximity to Earth increases the processing time of what you have learned with this planet.  A planet like Pluto which is on the outter realm of our solar system will have powerful and strong lessons, but for human processing time it takes a lot longer to fully understand what has happened and how you choose to accept it.

Now that Mercury is direct we can actually do something with all that pent up energy we had from all this fire in the sky during the Mercury Retrograde.  Hopefully you had constructive conversations with people and didn't burn too many bridges over miss-communication.  Now instead of us charging blindly like a bull, we can be more direct.  I speak of bulls because we are in the sign of Taurus now and a bull charges semi-blindly due to its poor eye sight.  Bulls charge after things that irritate them or get their attention like red flags or potential mates; regardless that won't really work for us.  Now the bull has on a pair of eye glasses!  Mercury is direct, so we can now see where we are going and start to build some steps toward our goals we started at the beginning of Spring.  

Personal story for me involves Mercury as a messenger and the planets Venus(love, possessions, pleasure) and Uranus(freedom, revolutions, sudden meetings).  Late Friday evening Venus joined Uranus for a bit, creating very sudden, surprising, and hopefully fun incidents.  I have a similar configuration in my chart where these two planets are talking to each other, but you never know what you will get with Uranus.  Uranus is also the higher octave of Mercury, so lots of timing going on.  Friday when applying for a job(Venus) I found on the internet(Uranus) I got a sudden phone call from the company that was handling the applications.  During the phone called he asked if I was interested in taking any classes.  So long story short, I was hit up to take some classes, business classes online, we'll see.  Late Saturday evening my wallet(Venus) was stolen suddenly(Uranus) and I did not realize this till the next morning when I woke up.  The Mercury part is also there in two parts, He is the Patron God of Thieves and He is also a Messenger.  The message I got was I had too much attachment to my wallet and what money means to me, so I have to change my views on what I think money should be used for.

Also later that evening I delivered a tarot deck to a friend of a friend and gave a few readings.  It turned out to be a lovely evening where I was surround by 3 friendly and hospitable women who were fire signs(2 were Aries!). I did not check before hand to see if Venus had moved into Aries, lol I didn't have to!

So this is not all about me, on the train ride home Sunday evening I saw these two European guys flirting with a group of Black and Dominican ladies and a very Venus Uranus moment happened, one wanted to pose with one of the ladies in a picture.  So he did this flashy ridiculous pose while she stood next to him and took a picture.  Venus always like too look pretty and have others know and Uranus brought this sudden event and the higher technology to capture it.

I imagine that more people will be calling and reaching out to you.  Mercury will not be completely up to speed till after the first full week in May, so watch out for a few more "lessons."

Btw go enjoy the Spring Flowers and Trees that are in bloom.  They won't be here long, but enjoy them while you can!