Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tornados, Bin Laden, Sick Friend, Oh my!!!

Wow there is certainly a world wind of info.  Tornadoes, Bin Laden, Sick Friend and a Royal Wedding.  Remember when I said Spring is the most volatile time in my post about Aries and Spring?  Do you doubt me?lol

So much is happening, I am going to try and attempt to explain some of it.  First off with the tornadoes, perhaps it could all that fire in the sky we have been having.  When lots of planets are all in one energy it tends to stir things up and cause disturbances, as in the 2 weeks of tornadoes that happened in the South, climax on the 27th of April. 

The death of Osama Bin Laden, now that is interesting, one astrologer I know mentioned its the Mars(action) Jupiter(expansion) conjunction. 2 years ago when Mars and Jupiter were joined in a Mars 2 year cycle the US was looking for him.  They found him, or rather with all the fire in the sky motivated to seek out his location and capture him.  Who knows the real story of why and when; bet thats classified. . .

I had one friend who went to the hospital on Sunday due to ecoli poisoning and was bleeding internally.  She is fine now, but on Tuesday I heard that a different friend's sister had internal bleeding.  Mars rules the planet Aries and in the rulership of mars is knives,acts of violence or bloodletting. 

Not to worry everyone, but all recent outer planets that changed signs will be going retrograde(backwards) before the year is over.  The events the past few months when planets Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter ere moved into new signs is a preview of what is to come in the coming years; after this year we get to fully experience their presence in these new signs and that comes with that experience.  

I also believe that this aspect of Uranus Pluto Square will herald in major changes through dramatic events through the world that will have long term consequences.  Especially when I think of Uranus(sudden action) in Fire (early Aries) and Pluto(power plays) in Earth(early Capricorn) the phrase I think encapsulates it is the nickname of Poseidon, "Earth Shaker."

Ladies and Gentlemen we are in Earth Shaker times.  Its rock and roll the non radio/mp3 version. 
Here is something I have noticed lately and this is still an early thought that I  have not fully fleshed out yet, but it is something I have noticed recently.  The 4 Elementals, (although recently I learned more about the energy of Spirit and Void :) ) Fire, Air, Wind and Water, I have seen their presence become more known in strong concentrated forms over the fast few years.  Especially now where new significant extreme events in nature happen every couple of weeks.  I see this as the planet trying to get our attention.  I am thinking of  the element Earth, it is support, a container, foundation, the physical, the Earth shakes, moves tectonic plates, earthquakes, which disturbs Water, which is responsive, reactive, flowing, can take any form, and from those violent tremors result in tsunamis .  The many planets in fire signs, lot of fire in the sky, wild fires in Texas, Fire to Consume, transform all it touches, purify, ignite the old forest becomes nutrients for the new.  Now Tornadoes, Air, formless, swift changing even quicker than Water, ideas, represents immediate change from the tarot.  I feel like the Earth is also given us a lesson in how this building blocks of our world operate.  Both mild or extreme conditions of these Elementals are present in our lives.  I can almost see this as the Earth flexing its muscle, to let us know we are on a huge living organism that ultimately has the final say on us humans.

Going to end here I have next and new pressing topic to publish this week about an important aspect of the moon that affects our daily life.  Until then!

PS Taught my first official astrology class this past weekend at Brid's Closet Beltaine Festival! Yea!!! It was great, I taught about the archetypes in astrological transits, which is something akin to what I mention in this blog :)

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