Sunday, September 23, 2012

2nd Uranus Pluto Square

This past week was a hard one at times, wasn't it?  We just had our 2nd Uranus Pluto Square this past Wednesday and Mercury also joined the disgruntled group as well that day.  These two planets will be in a series of disputes for the next 3 years.  Yes there actually is a purpose other than to make you mad, shaken and stirred, or bring calamity into your life.  Shaking things up is what is important in order for growth and creativity.  Think of how boring life would be if everything was rote, dependable, and happy all the time, we would not really know what joy is. Lets do a quick review of what it means and what is coming on the horizon.  I highly encourage you to compare events to the first Uranus Pluto square that happened on June 24th.

Uranus is the sudden planet of sudden change, rebellion, electronics, revolutions, and inventions.  Its is also a planet that imbibes a sped up version of time.  Events happen so quickly it hard to pinpoint the progression, but if slowed down with a slow motion rewind, you could see the pattern.  Uranus is a necessary archetype and force of influence in not just our lives, but everything on the planet.  If there was an empheris(book of planetary movements astrologers use) back when various life forms crawled out of the primordial ooze to evolve, you would see Uranus triggering the events to set them in motion.  That is one of the challenges of Uranus, pushing forth sudden events toward you to make you adapt and transform.  I would classify Uranus as "the" timing mechanism for events happening all of the planet, affecting all creatures on it.  It is the information and event that you are not expecting.

Now if Uranus is the timing and sudden change that throws you, than Pluto is the hard choice and decision to fight or submit; either way you will not be the same no matter what you chose.  Pluto is the destruction, explosions, violent actions, power games, death of a current structure, riches, deals, raw power, and radical transformation.  New information you get from Uranus puts you in the seat of ultimate choices, for sometimes it is a life and death struggle and Pluto is there to remind you. 
Sorry it is not a warm and fuzzy influence, but as I said before, without them, you would not know the goodness of life itself.   Pluto is the higher planet of Mars, which is all action.  Action is the causality that moves the world, at no point in your journey through life are you not making waves of changes by you actions or inactions.  That is what moves the organism on earth and what we know as life. 

Now if you were not affected by this one in a memorable way, thats okay.  Perhaps you have already worked on what you needed to work on and the square affected you in a minor way or it didn't light up something in  your chart.  If you were affected, then you are in the hot seat.  That is also alright too.  The events we don't find favorable push us to new limits and perspectives and sets up the stage for the "new" to enter our lives.  As I mentioned in a previous post about the first Uranus Pluto, improvise, adapt, and overcome is what is required of us.  It will be the current motto and plan to see you through these volatile times.

This coming Saturday, the 29th is the 2nd booked end of the T-Square from the week of the first Uranus Pluto Square.  So yes, it will be a hard a trying day and will bring up some difficulties that you do not want to deal with.  Although, my suspicion is that it won't be a complete surprise, you will have some clue.  If you have been avoiding the inevitable, than you will face it again.  Its a climax of events from the first Uranus Pluto or a continuation of events triggered during the one which was last Wednesday, the 19th.  The Sun will be opposite Uranus and square Pluto.  Your basic actions that today will be thwarted in some noticeable way.  It is unavoidable but know it something you can handle.  If it does seem overwhelming, thats okay, even it can eventually be overcome.  I would advise against traveling extensively the two days before and after it, just to be on the safe side.  Do not plan meetings or have any type of serious discussions pinned on that day. Stay home if possible and ride it out.  Also I would keep tabs on reliable friends and family around those days, in case of an emergency for  you or them.  Don't panic, its as natural as any storm, just because its there does not mean ultimate disaster, just be prepared, thats all.

Till next time!

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