Friday, August 31, 2012

Swimming in the Deep Well of You

Hope everyone has had a great summer this year.  We certainly had a lot of ups and downs, changes, and the unexpected.  Most of these were inspired by the Uranus Pluto square we are having and will have till 2015. Today though we will not be talking too much about that, but about Scorpio and the 2 planets and nodal points that are plunging us into the depths

First off lets talk about the nature of Scorpio, our fierce water warrior of the 12 signs.  Scorpio is rich with depth, intrigue, emotions, things said and not said, smoldering feelings, obsession, sharp focus, decisive action, and the instincts the know the shadow.  A lot of times Scorpio assumes the worse, because it is well aware of the depths of human nature, and is already poised to deal with treachery in a harsh way.  Scorpio has several creatures associated with it, some in the animal kingdom and some mythological.

First is the Scorpion which lives in harsh desert environments, hiding in the dark cool places where it can stalk and kill its prey.  It is true, these creatures rarely miss with their poisoned barbed stinger; for in the desert you can not afford to waste energy, only success matters.  Think about how serious people with Scorpio in their charts get and you will recognize why they take things so seriously.  Of course these people might not always be in a life and death struggle, but in their own minds, they are. This expression is the natural default mode of Scorpio, which is very base but necessary.

The Eagle is another expression of Scorpio.  So unlike the Scorpion, Eagle is out in the open, flying high above the ground scoping out prey.  Everyone knows and sees the Eagle and it commands respect, more so than the fear that the Scorpion propagates. Although it will kill as mercilessly as a Scorpion, with the laser like sharp precision of catching it prey, one strike, one kill.  The other main difference between them is while the Scorpion has this small territory it hides and hunts in, the Eagle's territory is vast and requires far seeing vision of whole landscapes.  One traps and the other actively seeks.  You can see the Eagle traits in people you know, those who are about to take an action, yet nobody know exactly when or with what and then all of sudden they swoop down and cease that opportunity.

The Phoenix is the other one. To be born and destroyed and to do it all again.  I am sure we all know people who undergo creation and destruction on annual basis, ie breakups, deaths in their lives, accidents, changing jobs etc and yet they are completely different and stronger person after each incident and yet still don't shy away from doing it again and again.  Of course the key is to not be drawn into creating a scenario that will inevitably be blown to bits if you don't have to.

I will mention the Snake as well, specifically because of the regenerative properties it has when molting. That quality shows up in people who constantly go through many continuous changes, but when looked at as a whole,it almost seems a logical and methodical outcome.  Snake's methods are also quite reptilian, using pits in its mouth to seek for heat sources either for warmth or use to hunt prey.  The Snake can also have base qualities as well. The need find to heat sources(since it has trouble regulating its own body temperature),is  much like someone with Scorpion traits being clingy, when they find someone they really like, they can obsess over them, like a heat source.

All of these of course are representative of the archetype of Scorpio that exists in our minds and yet also fulfills an expression of these experiences we all feel.

So now that we have a clearer picture of Scorpio we can recognize its traits in our own lives and with people we know.  Mars joined Saturn about two weeks ago.  This a journey the two of them started in late Libra, where after 2 and half years Saturn will leave Libra and head to Scorpio.  So, you learned all about what your needs in relationships and what structure will make it work for you.  If you had a Saturn Return(had Saturn return to natal position in the chart around the time your turned 30 years of age) with Saturn in Libra, you really know what thats about.  Mars moved a head and went into Scorpio last Wednesday and will be there till October 7th.  He will be scouting ahead for Saturn who will enter Scorpio the day before Mars leaves it, very much passing the baton at relay race here.  Saturn will be in Scorpio for almost 3 years.  Mars will be passing that info to Saturn on what is important in your life.  Mars will be helping you make hard choices, making you dig deep to find where the heart of any situation is and either examining it or extracting it and taking it. Yes things may get visceral, especially if you are a Scorpio or have planets or strong celestial points in Scorpio.  When Saturn comes he will be bringing the consequences of the actions you took and making you follow through with all you did.  What ever got torn up or reformed by Scorpio will have to pass Saturn's inspection process and either get revised or eliminated.  This sounds sort of intense, but it is necessary, like the animals in the animal kingdom, life feeds on death and death feeds off life.  Change is was makes us evolve and pushes to be stronger and more well adaptive to our environment.  Now one more bit of astro news, the North and South Nodes(what comes in your life and what leaves, see previously tagged entries for more info on them) will be shifting from Sagittarius Gemini, to Scorpio Taurus today!

Yes, the Nodes are also in on the action now too and will be crossing paths with both Mars and Saturn through the next couple of month.  Think of it like the universe giving you clues as to what you need to be doing, it will be throwing you lessons and gifts at key points during this time.  So  watch out for health issues, get on top of any conditions or maladies that have been dormant  or plaguing you.  They will hit you like a ton of bricks if you are not addressing them during this time period.  They show imbalances in your life, the illness is the link to these and as a blazing siren to get your attention.

Relationships will be going through major shifts as well.  Beyond the balance and civility of Libra, now comes the "keeping it real" aspect of the relationship.  You are in it deep now so why are you here, what is it you really want from this person?  You will be exploring your inner needs together, hopefully through thoughtful discussions, but there will be some spectacular arguments too. At the end of the day its all about seeing each other for who that person really is and knowing what is you both want.  Scorpio is all about what is the core strength and value of a object, person, relationship, job.  The biggest question Scorpio wants answered is, can it be trust and can I trust any of the previous mentioned subjects.  It can be quite obsessive if a definitive answer is not reached.  I am sure after this the first opening square between Mars and Saturn in early January you will closer to an answer to that question if you haven't before then.

Its also is an opportunity to understand our own inner landscape as well.  Look at what triggers certain reactions in you.  Also what is behind those needs of yours, are they really that vital to your happiness and security? 

So plunge deep and find that inner treasure.

Till next time!

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