Thursday, June 7, 2012

Venus Occultation + Lunar Eclipse

         Rocking times above and below the sky huh?  First off lets talk about Venus transiting the Sun, or the astronomical term, Venus Occultation.  Venus at around 6:00 pm EST on Tuesday passed over the Sun.  This event usually happens every 100 years and happens twice in that time frame, 2004 was the first pair of the this century's Venus Occultation.  So, what are some of the meaning of this fantastical phenomenon?  Well for starters  when Venus has journey across the Sun's path in front of the Earth it usually in a time period of new technology and war.  Venus represents earthly treasures, virility, commerce, the feminine, and our values.  All of which people can praise, hoard or even fight about.  Hence during the last few times during the Venus Occultation happened there were some wars going.

         For instance in 1631 to 1639 Europe was torn apart by the 30 years war where countries resources were depleted and the people suffering.  As far as technology Galileo wrote his famous treatise that the Earth was not the center of the Universe contrary to popular religious beliefs, especially the Catholic Church.  Even though during this time period the Catholic Church remain strong, new generations of scientists were coming up with revolutionary thought that shook the church's authority.  The next pair was 1761 and 1769. Britain was bringing in a lot of money at this time, but also spending a lot to keep control over all of its colonies around the world. So at its height in power, the American Revolution started at this time and was revolting over many issues, the main one being "no taxation without representation,"again money was the theme here. Also an interesting sidenote there were two notable female monarch, Catherine the Great of Russia and a female monarch in Japan. The next recent pair was 1874 and 1882 had both wars and technology.  The Reconstruction Years of the Civil War where the United States was trying to pick up the pieces was highlight, after all that was torn up over a war of values moral and money.  For owning slaves was a way of life for many white landowners in the South, these owner now had to readjust their own value system or at least how they ran their businesses. Native Americans were busy fighting to keep their remaining lands, for their land was their way of life, as in a part of their spiritual tradition and means for living.  The Theosophical Society and the Christian Science movement started. For new technology there was the light bulb, telephone and recording equipment, all which revolutionized people's home and work life.  These technologies later became the hot commodities which definitely brought about in later year consumer's interest, to keep up with the Jonses, 

         So hopefully this caught you up today with Venus! As for wars, we have had plenty, the Arab Spring, and financial war with the subprime mortgage crisis in the US from 2008 onward + Wall Street continued financial unruliness, Greece's financial collapse and Europe's floundering euro values.  So for now I would say many advances in technology as in light optics, high speed wireless connections, and even the creation of the Hardon Particle Accelerator.  A lot of these new technological devices are in place to connect us to each other and the vast internet on the go, yet most of these services and devices are not cheap.  Yet more and more for many jobs in modern day cities require you to start to have them in order to keep up with your co-workers.  Hopefully we will catch up, for I don't think humans have caught up to these devices yet, hence the cellphone texting related deaths.  Strange enough women's reproductive rights have been in issue lately.  We have and several Venus retrogrades where this has happened in between this time period including the current Venus retrograde in Gemini.  Re-visiting the rights women have fought to keep? Perhaps this can be a reminder to all of the right people of all races, genders, and classes have fought to keep.  I definitely feel we should not be taking away rights from anyone at this time period, for I feel it is not a good use of this Venus transiting the Sun.  We instead should be re-invisioning the world rights of all human beings.  Perhaps why this has become an issue could be associated with the Pluto in Capricorn period we are in, destroying of old outdated structures and financial and governmental laws.  Hopefully this Venus transit will highlight the need to do this and alert us to dealing it head on  with rather than letting Uranus square Pluto do its work and have us blindly reacting to the turmoil we helped to create.  I would say over all the Venus Occultation is a highlight to show where our  values are as a collective and how the physical manifestations have we created to keep us connected to our beliefs. ie ipads, high speed internet etc.  Communication, constant brain activity, and information absorbing seem to be the current Venus trend at the moment.

         So Quick blub about the Lunar Eclipse.  Well this one was not easy, especially with all those squares from Mars and Venus was Square(square create delays and thus up tension) Mars that day.  I felt when looking at it as a whole, relationships were the key thing that were affected.  Especially with the issues Venus retrograde brought up, it definitely brought things to a head in people's relationships.  My feeling is sometimes you have to get down to the nitty gritty to make something work, but with these strong energies in the sky, that may be enough to blow up people's bonds.  So honestly if you can wait till the New Moon on the 19th of June, I would wait.  Revisiting one's past relations with love and money is a deep seated emotional process, so try to keep from adding too much to the plate.  Anywho, you will get through this, transits and Lunar Eclipses for as much havoc as they could create, get us more in touch with what really is important to us.

Final Note, I did check out the Venus Transit in person at an event the Amateur Astronomers set up.  Even with my plastic solar glasses they handed out I did see the magic of Venus transiting the Sun.  Although she was very much a Gemini about it, lol kept hiding behind cloud coverage every few minutes, lol it kept me on my toes.  Venus in Gemini will keep all of us on our toes and hopefully aware enough to see the humor in anything that happens to us in life.

Keep watching the Skies, until next time!

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