Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love of Games? Venus in Gemini and Venus Retrograde + Solar Eclipse

Venus in Gemini! It will be in Gemini for a while so let the games begin!  Venus, the planet of values, love, money, and possessions.  It is the physical things we have on Earth that we care for; even love, for many its flows between them and a person, hopefully a person you can actually physically hug.  Venus is one of the important inner planets in people's charts, it shows how they express love and what sorts of things are important to them.  Your values make up a good part of your personality and others can see that in the people who you have around you and the clothes you wear and house you live in.  When all of these are looked at as a whole,  you can get a good glimpse of a person's value system. 

Gemini is the sign of the twins.  Doubles in many ways, things going in pairs, close siblings, double speak and messages, and even people with duel sides.  Gemini rules over pets, siblings, the daily chatter we engage in, the in between things we do, learning, the transitions, problem solving, and short travels.

So to summarize this all up, when Venus's energy goes indirect as in this case, we re-evalute what are values are.  This can be a natural inclination or it can be an event that forces us to do this in order to overcome a difficulty we have in expressing our values or changing what we believe in.  This Venus retrograde will allow you an opportunity to check in with your belief system and how what we do in the everyday world relates to our values.  For example news about the downturn in the economy can affect people, maybe they spend less or get paranoid about spending anything that costs money.  A person could decided to go Silas Marner and exclusively focus on how it affects them and stop socializing because that costs money or cut back on some spending but not cut back on giving out any love and affection to those around them.  Lack of resources and money can make people crazy and not only changes their what they value but also influence their actions.  So explore how information can influence what you think and what  you believe.  The New Moon in Gemini next Sunday is a good time to explore this.

Speaking of the Solar Eclipse in Gemini, its time to gather info!  Go out there an collect data and by the time the Full Moon in Sagittarius comes you can let your experiences in the world help guide you on what to do with the information you discovered.   Major new shift in your life today will start at 7:47pm.  Any actions you want to do to help guide it will greatly affect the outcome of this Solar Eclipse.  New doors will be opened, but as with all things Gemini things coming in twos, so be prepared to deal with or at least notice that there is two.  The second could be the second round of something, a new clause, double priced, a part two to finish something, you get the picture.  If there is new language or skill set you have been wanting to have in your arsenal, go learn it! During this time of Sun in Gemini do what my dad told me when I was a kid, "keep your eyes and your ears open."

Enjoy this month of learning and games, just don't forget to think about why what is important to you.

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