Saturday, March 12, 2011

Uranus Part Deux

There is a lot going on right now and Uranus moving into Aries is big enough by itself to occupy one's thoughts. Although uttering that phrase aloud in a "non astrological" context might get a few stares. . .

Here are some updates of things I have noticed. This will be an ongoing post for Uranus events you have seen in the news or have witnessed personally. I believe this will help everyone, including myself learn more about how this transition works. Feel free to post these in the comments section.

Yesterday at 7:52pm, it's a new world world, or a significantly different one than before.

Again I encourage you to send in your own experiences you would like to share.

Here are some I noticed:

Courtney sent me a New York Times article about how 21 priests were let go. This also reminds me of the changing of the nodes, from the Authoritarian that is not to be questioned, to the true teacher and learner. That's a shift. As far as pertaining to Uranus, I see it as leaving the Piscean theme of sacrificing for another and going toward self driven action and concern. I see the shifting nodes I mentioned as part of a way for us to learn, teach, and live from our personal experiences in life instead of relying upon established institutions.  Its about getting to the heart of the matter of what to learn, its not in school text book, but trip to another place where you learned so much.  The Sagittarian experience is gleaming tidbits from others, books, and integrating that into their vast experiences on the roads of life they travel on.  Let your personal observations and experience guide you.

Also when I mention Astrological Signs I speak of the archetype of that sign and its characteristics, not so much the people who have them. If I do, I will clearly state that.

Here are more to add to the list.

Drummer for Alice In Chains died recently.

A friend of mine has a dearly beloved cat who is terminally ill right now.

As of recently a tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Sudden action relating to water, another example.