Monday, March 7, 2011

The Unraveling Times

Uranus Changes Signs!

Uranus: planet of Change, Revolution, Rebellion, Higher Electronics, Freedom, Higher Thinking, Sudden Insights and Sudden Actions.  Uranus was one of the original Gods in Greek Mythology: the father of Kronus who was Zeus's father.  Kronus wanted power and knew the only way to achieve it was to kill his father.  So he slew Uranus and the blood that fell to the Earth became the Titans.  The sudden action of killing his father and the instantaneous birth of the Titans are all very Uranian.

When a planet changes signs it is a big occurrence. The change that is occurring is in the last few degrees of Pisces, which is the sign at the end of the zodiac.  The last few degrees of Pisces are considered extremely unstable.  Therefore when planets fall in those last few degrees they are unstable and erratic. It also signifies major endings for people and events. Even aspects of nature unravel. 

An example of a person unraveling is Charlie Sheen and his behavior this past week.  He spoke of abusing drugs, alcohol and even people in the past.  If one looks at the sign Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune, drugs are one of the lower forms of what Neptune rules. Also ruled by Neptune are Illusions, Dreams, Mergers, Higher Love, the Sea, Oneness with the Universe and the Collective Unconsciousness.  Charlie, much like Uranus, is unraveling. His statements, actions, and overall behavior are erratic and winding down. Charlie might make it or he might not but the point is that once Uranus moves into Aries it’s a whole new cycle. Time to start all over again, back to the beginning of the zodiac: Aries.  Charlie might not be up for such a transition. The nature of Uranus will be even more sudden, yet the actions will be direct.

The Middle East is another example of how the changes in Uranus are sweeping through.  If you look back at the time when the Ottoman Empire fell, the Middle East was in chaos. Several European countries succeeded in partitioning off and occupying lands in the Middle East as well.  This was done because they saw the great wealth of resources in oil and other commodities there. All of this was around the time Uranus was in Aries and that time is coming again!  So all of the artificial demarcation lines that created the current countries are unraveling. There are a lot of ethnic groups, tribes and divisions among even the people in a single country.  People are rising up, seeking freedom and starting revolutions, which is also very Uranian.  They will no longer be a lone voice in a collective of people, but a unique voice, which backs up their ideas with actions.  The Middle East will not be settling down any time soon.

Look to see how Uranus might be changing aspects of your life:  Sudden changes in jobs, breaking off relationships or changes in family structures.  It’s a very unstable time.  Things will smooth out a little on the 11th, but this is only the beginning.

What will you change in this next cycle?

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