Thursday, March 17, 2011

Uranus Burns Hot!

Astrology can be seen and used in many ways.  It can be used for healing, as in delving into the psychological and behavioral patterns we have. It can also be used to help navigate the rocky uncertainties we feel, while alerting us to opportunities that await our acceptance.  Right now I believe it can be used to greater understand  what is currently going on in the world.  For when we have a better understanding of the outside we can also have a better understanding of the inside.
I have been following the recent news about the crisis in Japan, specifically what's happening with the nuclear reactor.  Besides the obvious and immediate danger of the situation, I also see it as a warning, one that is telling us to be cautious in the future use of unstable technology; a technology  we are just getting accustomed to.  Man has a great responsibility for all of the inventions he has made and humans must be responsible for the consequences of  their actions.  Right now  the earth has been holding up a mirror to us, especially to those of us in industrialized nations.  It is saying "look at what is going on, just look, but now feel, hear, see, smell, and know what has been happening."  With December 21st, 2012 approaching and the Earth moving closer in orbit to the Galactic Center(center of our universe) the energy sent to the Earth will increase the vibrations, mainly earthquakes.  It's as if someone is shaking us awake, and that person is the Earth. Someone once said we are the tiny fleas on the back of a giant creature.   I believe also, just like fleas we have been sucking too much blood and causing infections on our vital and omnipotent host.

Let's look now at the direct relationship between Uranus and  the disaster in Japan.
Uranium was discovered in 1789 by Martin Heinrich Klaproth who named it after the recently discovered planet Uranus, which was discovered 8 years earlier by William Herschel (Herschel named Uranus after Greek Sky of creation myths). Uranus is the planet of Radical Change, Rebellion, Higher Electronics, Sudden Insight, Higher Thinking, and New Technologies. 
Uranium is used in the process of creating materials used to make nuclear fission.  The very act is very Uranian and in this destruction of elements we harness the energy to power our cities and homes.  This comes at a cost because in that destruction we also create byproducts that are not found in nature.  These byproducts are hazardous to just about everything living thing on the planet.

Another example, which is appropriate to Uranus in Aries, is the myth of Prometheus, the story of a Titan who stole fire from Gods and gave it to human beings.  Prometheus was punished by Zeus for such a defiant act and was chained to the top of Mount Kaukasos where he had a vulture continually picking at and eating his liver. Zeus made sure his liver regenerated so Prometheus could perpetually feel the pain and remember why he was punished! From fire we have gone through the innovations it can make and now we have advanced to higher technology, electricity.  Many advances and creations were then powered and created with electricity.  From electricity we have come up with various other sources to power our electrical creations, like nuclear power. 

Time to look back at Japan.  The spent uranium fuel rods are overheating and that is wearing down the structural integrity of the containment housing.  If the rods are not cooled down it could cause a meltdown and extremely radioactive waste will be exposed to the environment.  That radioactive waste could cause a disaster to us all, for once introduced to the environment it will not leave for a very long time. It will be a continual and painful reminder,  much like Prometheus's punishment. 

I hope we can heed these signs being shown to us.
Till next time!

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