Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Equinox!

The Astrological Year Starts!!!

For Western Astrology, the Spring Equinox is the beginning of the astrological calendar, which starts 0'00 degrees Aries.

Spring is a very energy driven time. It is the spark of life that wakes up the animals and plants that have been sleeping or functioning at a slower pace. It’s a volatile time as well: the energy is high so action is easier than planning. Look at the sign Aries, the ram. The ram springs up mountainsides with its strong legs and its head leaning forward for balance. During this time, rams are concerned with establishing their territory in order to preserve the best food sources and to find the best mates. Yes, there is some planning involved, but not anything too intricate. The type of planning is more of, “What needs to be done to secure my space, mark my territory, patrol it and fend off other strong male rams that are a threat?” Thinking is dictated toward immediate action to get fast and resolute results; act quicker than your opponent in order to survive. If you look at how rams establish rank, it is by being quicker, stronger, more powerful and seemingly immovable from a spot. When a dominant male does this, the lesser one backs off. This prevents constant battle from the same opponent, eventually establishing a pecking order.

Mars, planet of action, rules Aries. This is the energy that rules this time period. It sets off your initial actions that begin the year. Think and act. Make sure you act on what you do -- now is the time. Also like the battling ram, going headfirst is what will get you to your goal. As an earth sign I have to keep reminding myself I need to push forward even if I don't know where all the roads lead. I have found sometimes you only get information by going forward. It’s only then that you know what the landscape is and how to maneuver through it.

I’ve been looking at the charts for both the Full Moon yesterday at 2:09pm and the Spring Equinox today at 7:21 pm. Both are interesting charts and I have cast them for New York City, so the times might be a few hours different depending on where you are in the country. What I can see from the Full Moon chart is that a lot of it will be wrapping up the events of Neptune in Aquarius, which will be changing signs in about 2 weeks. It is at a place where it will be ending a phase of your dreams that were purely ideas. The challenge is to now implement them into the greater whole of humanity. It is time to see how it fits with others and if it will merge well with what other peoples' motivations are. This dream of the many you have is specifically community minded and dealing with how you have shared with others. For others the dream might disappear. There is a chance it won't make it into this next phase and that is okay. This is a good time to pay attention to the muse, which might have been subtlety influencing you. Neptune in Pisces is very spiritual and is comfortable in this sign, so what inspires you will inspire many likeminded people who will have similar ideals and concepts.

Now the Spring Equinox chart is very interesting. The radical new relationships will push you forward to where you need to go and for some, to places they have not thought of before. It is a strong energy, so while Neptune is changing signs, you will be making important changes as well. You don't need to fear. As I mentioned before you will have help. This new partnership whether it be romantic, business, friendship, or re-establishing an existing one will set the tone for the next 8 years since Uranus reached Aries before the Sun entered Aries. This past January during the New Moon eclipse,  Jupiter (planet of expansion, gifts, joy) was with Uranus, so this new radical change that comes up will be a change that you will benefit from. With the planets in Aries, things will happen faster than you can think, so don't be afraid if you can not precisely plot your progress; go with the change. You will have time to disseminate and analyze later. This relationship will be a lot about who you are and what you share. These common values define you and will define the relationship itself. Relationships at this time will be sudden, but will have a strong common ground from which to work with since Saturn (karma, responsibility, time) is in communication with Venus (values, love, aesthetics). The connection between the two planets will promote a strong purpose, which will be significant for you and the outside world. The Moon in Libra will further emphasize this new connection, because your needs for a partner will be strong. It will happen, so you don't have to go intensely searching for this new light in your life.

So Spring Forward and Launch!

PS Check out the Full Moon tonight, it will be really spectacular!

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