Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back to the Future Mercury!

It's that time again! Mercury went retrograde yesterday at 4:48 pm.  Mercury is the planet of Communication, Siblings, Travel, Speech, Movement, Information, Patron God of Thieves and a Trickster God to boot!
So that is the main player in this astrological phenomenon. (Though trust me, there are crazier ones than this!) And now for the next question: "What is planetary retrograde?"

Basically from our perspective on Earth it appears as if the planet Mercury is going backwards in its elliptical orb around our solar system.  Of course that doesn't make sense, nor is it possible.  How this works is Mercury moves faster than the Earth, and in its orb it hits a particular arc where it's on the shorter end of the arc. That combined with its faster movement makes it look like it's going backwards.  Think when you are on an express train and you can see the local train across the tunnel and at times when the speed changes it looks like the local is going backwards.

This optical illusion is important to us humans, because Western Astrology and most other types are based on a geocentric view (Earth based view.)  Now the effect of Mercury going retrograde causes disruptions in how Mercury communicates with us.  Some occurrences that happen are machines of various sorts ignoring our commands, public transportation snafus, missed meetings with people, misplaced objects in the mail, mishearing what people are saying and contracts that change.  Don't panic, because now you are aware and prepared.  Leave earlier than you usually do to allow extra time for transportation incidents (and put down that silly phone when you cross the street so you don't create any incidents yourself), expect the unexpected and roll with it.  If you have to sign a contract now throw in a clause to renegotiate at a later date if you can. Make sure to back up your computer files as well.  Laugh with Mercury when you can and throw in silly anecdotes when you tell others of your day.

Mercury will be in retrograde from now till the 23rd.  Of course, be aware that the lines of communication will not be fully back to status quo until we have left the shadow period of the retrograde, early May.

What needs to be realized is that Mercury is not here with you on this one. Sorry, he's got places to go, people to see and fun, funny jokes to play on people; actually he always has time for the latter ;). One of the other great gifts Mercury brings is to mess with our sense of time, which for most of us in Industrialized Nations is very rigid and linear, thus making the majority of our waking lives happen that way.  It is only when one faces adversity do you have to find creative solutions, that make you smart, witty, and a helluva a lot more interesting than some hum drum cog in a clock; humans are not clock cogs!!! The Trickster God has a lesson plan for this Retrograde and here is the scoop: 

Mercury went Retrograde in Aries, the planet of Action.  So most likely you were motivated by Uranus in Aries these past few weeks and were busy working on new plans and innovations.  You got the answers, had the plan and were waiting for Mars to move into the race car driver sign of Aries.  Great, awesome, but now slow down.  The time right now is to let this gestate a bit and have those plans flesh out.  This is a great time to visualize the new seeds of the goals you want to plant.  Also most important, let your mind take a break, and spend more time with less distractions from the outer world.  Yes, most of us have day jobs and daily responsibilities that must and should be done.  But, when you have taken care of most of them, retreat to your inner sanctum and listen to the inner.  It is not time to be talking with the outside world, but to initiate an inner dialogue with you.  It is time for you and your master planner to quietly chill out on the couch and listen to some calm music and bounce ideas off each other. 

Relax with Mercury and try to laugh with him as he turns parts of our lives into a situational comedy.

Seriously take this extra time, speaking of which, our Lord of Time, Saturn is retrograde as well, so before he kick starts the reality of your dream in June, rest up a bit.

Time Flies (backwards), till next time!