Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Good Time For Work and Patience!

Full Moon today at 18 degrees Taurus will be setting off  9 months of Mars in Virgo.  The archetypal characteristics of Virgo is practical work, solving problems, regular work ethic and internal satisfaction from doing a good job.  Virgo is the sign of service to others, cleanliness internally and externally.

Mars works hard to get the details done and ironed out in Virgo, after the fire and passion for when Mars was in Leo. Now its time to work out the details to make it happen.  Also in the chart Mars(action), Jupiter(expansion + opportunity) and Pluto(explosions and power) are in a loose, but effective Grand Earth Trine.   That means they are working together sending complimentary energies back and forth to each other.  Plus being in Earth signs means that you will see direct physical results of the work.  This is good news for those looking for jobs I would say. You still have to put in the work to find the job, but you will be get the afore mentioned help from above. I also believe with Mars in Virgo you can get a lot done if break it down to a daily regiment, by the time July comes around, you will have accomplished a lot!

Mars in Virgo is also a good time to put into place new habits  you want.  Virgo rules the 6th house, house of health, service and daily routines.  The Full Moon in the hard working physical sign of Taurus will give a good boost of energy toward putting into practice these new routines you want.  Further evidence is Mars moves into Virgo exactly 8 hours after the Full Moon. Think about what you would like to implement as part of your new regiment, perhaps exercise before work or after, maybe spend an hour on a long term project, be it home improvement, art, or a recreational physical activity.

Also as of note, it will be a good time for healing, especially if it involves a vice that accompanies something used to help deal with a past pain, especially emotional.  Swap out a negative vice for a positive vice, especially it has been something you have been talking about letting go. Mars will be Opposite Chiron in Pisces with a direct Neptune close behind.  Chiron is the planetoid that represents where we are wounded and also where we heal.  It is very much a planet about humanity, since we all have wounds that don't quite heal, yet we still strive to overcome or lessen them just the same.  Helping others with their pain is also a characteristic of working with Chiron as well. Neptune has been talking to Chiron since the time Neptune moved into Pisces, a sign it Co-Rules, in this cases dealing with endings of emotional experiences. 

In the News, the new law in Mississippi proposing "personhood" the moment a human ovum is fertilized by sperm as life, thus a slippery slope of negating Rove vs Wade and birth control contraceptives has been repealed.  I chalk this up to Neptune going direct and Mars moving towards Virgo; action being made practical.  Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusions, spirituality, basically it dissolves boundaries.  Neptune was in retrograde since the beginning of June. Quick summary of retrograde planets is, the planet appears from our perspective on Earth to be going backwards, thus its energies are felt more internal and less external.  When Neptune is direct we can see more easily what a dream is or misconception of reality, usually when a large planet like Neptune moves forward, the floor drops out from falsehoods from our life.  Neptune will be in Pisces for good February 3, so see how your visions on what you want in life change.

Till next time!

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