Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Solar Eclipse and Changes

Changes! That is what eclipse are about, it is when dynasty comes knocking on our door and the universe either rids of us of the old or thrust in the new.  We have humans have tendencies to hold on to relationships, emotions, past memories, even old furniture with a death grip at times.  If if was not for the eclipses we would have not ever make or done anything.   You can also think of them as either a personal barometer or even a barometer for anything, from a country, company, or relationship.  We don't always have the foresight to see what new and important change we should make.  Aren't you glad that someone is watching out for you so don't slip by and get stuck in some situation? Getting stuck is when we repeat a lesson over and over again because we refuse to change our ways, thats when we get ill, stressed and over all feel lousy.  Thats why looking at astrological transits helps us see what is coming and following the Moon cycles show us where we are personally at.

I looked at the New York chart for this partial Solar Eclipse and it looks like it is all about resolving our emotional past.  Our emotional past, Moon is connected with our Spiritual Expression, Sun, in the first house.  Now that they are linked at this moment and time what is our relationship to the world at large with all of these great changes affecting the world or even our own small personal worlds.  It is a challenge being laid down before us.  Uranus is at the top of the chart in the 10th squaring Pluto and the Solar Eclipse(Sun and Moon conjunction) and is loosely opposite Saturn who recently went direct.  This is very reminiscent of the major t-square of last Summer.  These are all in Cardinal(action orientated) signs, so something must be done and enacted.  This tension and pressure is there to make us move and do.  Neptune(illusions, dreams) is just past the top of the chart retrograde in Pisces in the 9th, is having us re-evaluate the way we have been trying to manifest our dreams.  Time to go get more information from other sources, from spiritual books or leaders, education, travel, and or natural law.  We have to get clear on how we wish to do this.  The North Node is in the 6th house so a new person, or situation will be showing up in a our everyday life, job, affecting our daily routine, ie getting up, going to work, doing chores etc.  Perhaps this new person or event will help us work on that which we don't see, the South Node in the 12th house of Unconsciousness, Prisons, Institutions, the Hidden. 

In the news the State of Minnesota shut down  a few days ago. State Park we erecting barriers and evicting campers and boy scout yesterday day.  Here is quote from the New York Times article  that illustrates the 12th/6th house change I mentioned  "“Now we’re just waiting and hoping this will be short-lived,” said Mark Crawford, the manager at Lake Maria State Park who on Thursday had to inform scores of campers that they needed to pack up and leave and then, on Friday, became one of 22,000 state employees out of work without pay. “We’ll have to change our lifestyle for a little bit,” said Mr. Crawford, who is 60 and has worked in the parks for 35 years." To be in this big of a budget crisis is bad, when even most states in the United states are facing bankruptcy.  This of course will affect homeless people that stay in shelters, again, lack state funding(6th house) affecting homeless people(12th house).  

Also Whitey Bulger was caught last week and is in custody.  He is a famous mob boss in a Boston Gang call the Winter Hill Gang, where he famously robbed a bank and avoided all the camera angles.  He has been on the run since 1994 after being tipped off.  He was also an F.B.I. informant for many years as well The United states is a Cancer and with Pluto(underworld, criminal element) in an opposite sign, I wonder if law enforcement might be re-evaluating how it uses its informants.  I know the F.B.I has made many blunders with Whitey Bulger, but I also think he know a lot of things about the F.B.I.  I was a little shocked that they actually wanted to capture him, but perhaps a lot of people he was involved with the agency have moved on, retired or died, Mr. Bulger is 81 years old.  Eclipses certainly do bring about change. His disappearance is about the length of a nodal cycle, 18 years.

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