Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunar Eclipse Today!

The bookend of the Solar Eclipse on June first is here!  Today at 4:15 pm there was a total Lunar Eclipse at 24 degree Sagittarius.  Sagittarius, the archer, wander, learner, partier, teacher, loudmouth, sage, sports star, yes it can be all of it.  We are revisiting this experience or dream of the New Moon in December of 2009.  You were starting something that had the potential to be big and expand outward to reach everyone with your efforts.  This was due to the Jupiter Neptune conjunction that happened. As I mentioned before Jupiter Neptune is that magic egg that you were in the processing of putting together that held a unique dream or goal, something of an altruistic or wide reaching appeal.  Jupiter sextile Neptune that happened last Friday was the crux of working hard on it again and see what develops.  This will be a long term project, so this eclipse is about whether or not you want to put the time and effort in to see it through to the end, pick up the mantle or search for another task.

This Lunar Eclipse is also a strong releasing one. Perhaps its the fighting of not letting go of what needs to let go is what makes people tired, it might be so in my case.  Honestly it has been a struggle to even finish this blog entry.   If you can let go of old emotions, struggles, or just junk in the closet you don't need so you can have space to put new things, do it!

Today is when the Emergency Rent Laws of 1920 that guaranteed that rents be stabilized will expire!!!  Since 2000 there have not been any new rent stabilized places built in New York City; by the way New York City is the only city left in America that has rent stabilization.  Let's hope they don't let it expire and we have a mass exodus of people moving!  Thanks Anne for the insight! Here is the article with the lowdown whats at stake here. I think its just a political move and they will add changes or keep status quo. So don't panic yet!

 A follow up entry will happen in the next day or so.  Going to rest now. . .

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