Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Solar Eclipse Today!

Its an Eclipse! What will it bring and how long will it last?

So a solar eclipse is a phenomenon that happens when the Moon moves in front of the Sun and gets in between the path between the Sun and the Earth.  Great, what does that mean?  Well Solar Eclipses are powerful times to start new things in  your life.  In a nutshell is the unification of the Sun and Moon in the sky.  There is generally a lot of energy generated during one and it creates a space to start new ventures, relationships, business, or new perspectives on life.  I think of it as an illumination of the hidden potential you have inside and when effort is exerted, this truth will come forth into fruition.  Think of Solar Eclipse as putting super miracle on a seedling, its gonna grow big!  Especially if you have a solar eclipse fall on an inner planet in your chart, it will have a strong connection to you and indicate a new direction in your life.  For instance if it fell on the planet Venus(values) in the 2nd house(resources, possessions) most likely you would have a great job opportunity or new way to make money will come on in with the eclipse.  Eclipses usually have up to a two week period they that they trigger events in your chart, a lot of the times events that are already in motion.  Its important to look at Eclipses, before and after they occur.  When you look before you can see what change it will bring about, specifically with the Solar what new influence to your chart.  If you look at past eclipses they show you what triggered a series of events that started off where you are now.  Eclipses happens in pairs, first the Solar brings in the new change and the Lunar finalized it or clears out any debris that is slowing your growth down.  A lot of times relationships, jobs, or places where you are live that are started during on Eclipse, can leave you by the next one, not something to fear, just to keep in mind.  I also think of the Eclipses as the deus ex machina, where the Universe reaches on in and literally thrusts something into your life or removes obstacles blocking your path of self development.  They act very similar to when the North and South Node move over your natal planets or major points in your chart.  That is because there is a relationship between them, an eclipse usually occurs within 8-10 degrees of where the North or South Node is. North and South Nodes are calculated points that are the point where the Sun and the Moon form a particular angle to Earth.  This is important because it show us where we currently are between our will and personal path(Sun) and our needs and past(Moon), a destiny point.

This particular Solar Eclipse will be make a positive aspect to Saturn(structure, survival) today so these new changes and goals you are putting forth will stick.  Which is good news, because Jupiter(expansion, opportunity) is nearing the end of its journey in the fiery sign of Aries, which will help focus and solidify your aspirations so you can use the planets Venus, Mercury, and Mars in Taurus to start the serious work phase of achieving your goals that inspired you in early April. 

For more information on how the eclipses will affect your I suggest looking at where it is in your chart or getting someone adept at looking and interpreting eclipses.  Since I have been getting lot of questions from people about how it will be affecting them,   I will be offering 15 minute mini readings for $20 to people interested in knowing more about it.  Contact me at

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