Thursday, June 9, 2011

A few things Today!

We're back and here are the transits and insights to think on!

Neptune(dissolving of boundaries) went retrograde this past Friday, after only being in Pisces(realm of dreams and illusions) for a few months.  Think of it as a trailer for a movie to come, going to have to wait until the Fall to see the opening of the actual movie.  This also makes sense since Neptune rules over the sublime and dreams, like movies.  It will be interesting to see how this affects the types of movies that will be coming or even the volume of movies coming out.  Perhaps those that run the movie industry may rethink their ways or maybe indie directors who shoot, produce, and fund their films might step back rethink their ways as well.  Perhaps we might even see past themes repeat; *cough cough* methinks Hollywood has been under that influence longer than that lol!  We'll see how this unfolds from now until early November.

Jupiter moved into Taurus this past Saturday, into a brand new sign, Taurus.  The groundedness of Taurus will help solidify the opportunities you find, you'll will be able to grasp them and handle them appropriately to get the maximum benefit from them.

Venus moved into Gemini today, the planet of values, possessions and love is now in the realm of ideas and dualities. Someone or some idea strike your fancy? Is it not working out? There is always another side with Gemini, try another way or method to go about getting what you want. Look in mirror and see the backwards image, perhaps you missed something looking at with your forward point of view.  Gemini is also about being flexible with ideas, relationships, and tasks.  That is why Gemini is considered to be a Mutable Sign, it changes to adapt to situations.  Also there is a caveat with that two(pun),  as I mentioned before, there is always another side with Gemini, make sure you don't just look at the side you like; flip that coin over to make sure that it is not fake currency! Mercury the Messenger God is also the patron God of Thieves.

Jupiter will be sextile Neptune for the next week or so.  This goes back to the story when they were joined in May 27 2009 and again after the retrograde in Dec 21 2009  shortly after a New Moon in at 24 degree Sagittarius.  How far has that dream gotten?  What was it that you wished the Universe would send you?  This sextile is part of the 12 year your journey of this amazing egg of wonders, dreams, and opportunity that is Jupiter Neptune joined. Today for instance things were just given to me at work.  Even though I was working hard as a tour boat photographer(totally Neptune) in the blazing sun, people gifted me food, water and even a tip!  I attribute this to the Jupiter sextile Neptune and the Void of Course Moon.  The Void of Course Moon make the unapproachable, approachable, in combination with the afore mentioned transit.  The real trick is that you can't really have too many pre-existing expectations, you have to just go with the flow to really utilize it. If you look for treasure, don't, it will find you!  So another use of this influence, especially this Saturday there will be another Void of Course Moon, use it to your advantage, go on adventures and wander around.  I recommend if you are near New York the Figment Project on Governor's Island, make or explore arts,  thats all about Jupiter Neptune!

Also an important side note about 24 degrees Sagittarius, that will be where the Full Lunar Eclipse will happen on the 15 of June.  I will go into more detail about next week.  Here's a sneak peek, not everything goes according to plans. . .

In the news going along with Venus in Gemini(value of Information) very techie and Jupiter sextile Neptune, the flood gates have opened on Palins' thoughts! No not current thoughts, she is already all over the place. Now 24, 000 pages of Palins' emails will be released to the public from her two years as governor of Alaska.  Tomorrow at 1:00 pm, feel like doing a good deed? Or got too much time and wanna do some kind of deed? The New York Times needs you help as a reader to help sort these out, cause thats a boatload of emails!!!! Help with the Bailing of the Email Flood that is Palin.  Who knows, as I mentioned before you might find some gem in that seas of emails!  Also shortly after the Jupiter Neptune conjunction Jupiter went retrograde(energies turned inward) Sarah Palin resigned from being the governor of Alaska.  Perhaps she needed to rethink where she was going, after running as the Vice-President candidate for McCain Presidential Campaign that didn't pan out and amidst major criticism over many flagrant abuses of state funding and her controversial stances on issues.  Palin now is still gunnin' for that Presidential run as the Republican nominee, we shall see. . . This newest chapter will either work out for her or not, it depends how she uses it.  Sextiles, are an aspect that will work in your favor, if and only if you put effort into making it work.  Think of sextiles as you go half the distance yourself, it will carry you the rest of the way once you started the journey. 

Go Play in the Sun, but keep hydrated and wear plenty of sun block! :)

I would also like to give a shout to the electronic band Booka Shade, they helped me ride the groove to write this snazzy Astro Article!!!

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