Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Libra Ingress and The New Contract with Venus and Saturn

It is fall, all hail the time of Libra!  Yes it is a time of celebration as well as inspiration for keeping up the work you are doing to get closer to your goals.  This the Harvest Season, so as with the Venus(values, possessions) conjunct to the Sun(life, long term goals) that happened this past August,was a culmination of all the Universe was brought to you at that year.  You are working work with those items, people, loves, and using them to to start a new request!  For we had the Sun move in Libra September 23.  Now we had a New Moon in Libra, at 4 degrees exact in Libra,  which is an excellent time to start a new regiment or good habit.  Looking at it in the chart for New York, it shows an excellent opportunity to change that current relationship you are in, start a new one, or make a business contract. pair yourself with an ideal to be a better artist, bring forth an aspect of your personality to the world, or a new income source.  This chart reflect what this season will be like for you and everything deposits(goes back to) Venus in the chart on the Ascendant(focal energy point of chart).

This Thursday a great new chance to increase the strength of relationships in your life has presented itself to you.  Venus will be joining Saturn .  Venus is in its home in Libra and Saturn is exalted(does well) in Libra.  These don't come together often, especially in a sign they both do well in.  This falls at 18 degrees Libra, so check to see where it falls in your chart or if you even have Venus and Saturn talking to each other in your natal chart.

Saturn has been in Libra since last year, bringing back the story of last Fall when it first went into Libra.  Its journey in Libra brought forth the question of what is it in relationships that works for you; find it and put that into the relationship you want.  It is the structure that Saturn is concerned with and now with this conjunction it will go to work for you.  Of course Saturn goes to work only for those who have learned their lesson, make sure you know it!  This paring of Venus and Saturn usually occurs once a year in a different sign each time. When Venus pairs with Saturn, Saturn sends forth Venus, since it is desirous and moves much faster out in the world to bring you back what you asked for.  Saturn then disseminates what Venus attracts and decides what to do with it.  It will  be a 2 and half year cycle till they meet together again in a different sign.  So you have a good glimpse of what your attraction cycle will be for this length of time.

Lets see whats happening in the world as it relates to Astrology.  Here are some examples, make sure to think about the ones you see in your life.

 I could see the Venus Saturn conjunction being helpful to the protestors on Wall Street.  Their message seems to be about supporting the 99% of the population who are not ridiculously rich.  This conjunction could help them solidify there message so that it can be contained in an effective capsule to pose to the greater public in America.  If they can do that then they may draw support from the populations of America who are angry about what Wall Street and the banks did, especially about the sub-prime mortgage crisis.  It is very much Venus Saturn, people protesting on Wall Street(where money is made Venus) and asking for who is accountable for where that money went(Saturn).  Evidence of that is about 200 people in Boston are currently planning a similar protest to the on in New York.  This could be a real genuine movement with a clear message and a lot less contrived than the "tea party" protests.

On a side note, my friend Courtney(agirlnamedwoo) got a new job at Columbia and will be taking out her boyfriend to a fancy dinner. Yep! Venus knows what to do with money that comes her way!  Also the New Moon in Libra hits her Jupiter Saturn conjunction which brought forth something that will expand and bring more responsibility; more pay, more challenges. 

I will be doing work(Saturn) Thursday and taking pictures of burlesque dancers(Venus) for an ad. Hopefully this will bring in more work for me as well!

Till Next Time!

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